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Comment Re: No, not really (Score 1, Informative) 298

Jesus Christ man why do you tolerate it ?

Because the £8Billion the British motorist pays more in tax than is spent on the roads goes on funding the NHS so we don't end up in the situation that you have in the USA where the prime cause of bankruptcy is medical bills and people die from really easy to treat shit because they can't afford treatment.

Comment Re: No, not really (Score 1) 298

You would even be surprised to find out how many wind farms have been slowly going up too. I watch the giant blades heading out on the highway north of my little town.

The worlds' largest offshore windfarm is in the UK. Its about to be dwarfed by one currently being constructed which is 4 times the size which is being built just a few miles off the east coast of the UK. In my county in England there is not a single place you can stand and not see a wind turbine. The USA has a long way to go.

Comment Re:The UK Government Are Massively Out Of Touch (Score 1) 191

with the rest of the UK.

They seem mostly to be concerned with protecting peadophiles rather than their constituants. Our politicians are the only people I am aware of that are anti-Assange.

The vast majority of the UK don't give two shits about Assange assuming they have heard of him at all with most know nothing more than he's some bloke from the internet who is holed up in some Embassy because of some reason or another.

Comment Re: This sh*t again? (Score 1) 247

Yes, it's the EU market... For the moment. The transatlantic treaty will take care of that. How cute for the euro-peons to believe they have some measure of leverage and then cut off their own throat by siding with the US against Russia. :)

The GDP of the EU is the highest of any market in the world, $1trillion more than the USA. The EU has absolutely tons of leverage.

Comment Re:No they can't ignore consumer protections (Score 3, Informative) 247

Unfortunately (for you) Google is in a position to play hardball, unlike Microsoft who needed to sell stuff to the EU. What's the EU going to do, block Google? Good luck with that.

The EU is the richest market in the world. Its GDP is more than that of the USA by more than $1Trillion, its population almost double. Google will not want to be blocked in the richest trading bloc in the world.

Comment Re:No they can't ignore consumer protections (Score 2) 247

Their business practices in an industry where you are not required to use their product, there is no physical cost and no time lost.

However because of Google's dominance in search it has got to the point that if you don't appear in their results its as if you don't exist on the internet.

Comment No social skills (Score 1) 700

School isn't just about learning subjects. Its about learning about your society, how to interact with other people in the country you live in. Every single kid I've met who has been homeschooled has been weird. They've all been completely socially inept. They don't know how to interact properly and whilst they may be very clever in the subjects they've been learning, are completely oblivious about the majority of things going on around them at the time. Whilst these parents think they're protecting their kids, they're actually in my opinion harming them irreversibly. They'll eventually leave mothers bosom and go into a world completely unequipped to deal with the society they live in and it'll cause them real problems and hold them back.
Supplementing schooling with home schooling is great. Completely replacing it if you're the kind of parent who doesn't let your kid out to play with the other kids on the street is doing them massive harm.

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