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Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 4, Insightful) 420

Then look at the countless number of people who have had their lives wrecked by it and not only those who were taking it. Long distance truckers on Amphetamine have had many accidents where they've killed some poor bastard in their car who was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the truck driver on speed.

Comment Re:What about the London Knowledge test? (Score 1) 113

Agreed. This is another anachronism in a world where cheap, reliable sat nav is readily available.

Using Satnav in lots of parts of London, especially the older parts, is a fucking nightmare. When you can actually get a GPS signal the streets are so close together and turns so near to each other that usually you find that the voice guidance is still playing the first turn when you've driven past the next one you needed to take. Then there's the main thing about the knowledge, knowing how London traffic behaves, knowing what the effects of a problem at any given point in the city would cause not only in that immediate area but further out and being able to route taking those into account long before the Satnav intelligent routing would even be aware of an issue because the effects of that problem had not yet rippled out but would've done long past the point where you could've taken an alternative to avoid the mayhem.

Comment Nothing to do with Uber at all. (Score 1) 113

It had nothing to do with Uber and everything to do with the fact that this year in the UK more transactions were done by card than cash and the UK is quite quickly heading towards a cashless society and would be if it weren't for refusenik retailers. Lots of people in the UK, myself included, quite simply don't carry cash around anymore.

Comment ISIS must be scared now... (Score 1) 488

OMG you're going to DDoS their website or name ISIS members. I can see someone who has just hacked off someone's head with a blunt spoon being really bothered about anything that Anonymous could do.

One wonders what the response from the scriptkiddies would be if ISIS posted a Youtube saying they knew who the Anon members were and they were coming to get them. Given their record for doing real actual physical harm to people and not just taking websites offline or posting to Pastebin then the Anon mob are likely to find themselves running more scared than the ISIS mob are.

Comment A question of scale (Score 1) 367

If its very minor stuff then its fair to ignore it or make a brief mention however if they're bugs affecting gameplay to any extent and/or system stability should be taken into account and the marks given adjusted accordingly. Its because reviewers are all too willing to overlook some seriously show stopping bugs that allows companies to think its OK to continue to release games like COD and BF series which are notorious for taking at least 3-4 patches before major "wanna throw my controller at the screen" issues are resolved.

Comment Re:That's nothing (Score 1) 258

Actually, it would just hit the breaks.

What if the braking distance is too long?

Or, you know, swerve the other way.

Into oncoming traffic?

Computers can hit the breaks a lot faster than a human, and better too.

That isn't my experience of the system fitted to my 44 tonne truck. The times its chosen to hit the brakes because it "thinks" there's going to be a collision even though there isn't, if I'd been carrying any load other than the one I was at the time or being empty, there would've been a serious accident.

Comment Re:That's nothing (Score 1) 258

I don't see the issue.

For many scenarios where a human will have to fave that decision the autonomous car never will because it would have chosen option C, avoid situation long before it became an issue.

Autonomous cars are subject to the same laws of physics as any other car. If something steps out in front of it at a distance too close to be able to stop in time then depending on what other traffic is on the road and what is around the vehicle its choice is going to be hit that thing that has just stepped out in front of it or hit something else. As the occupant of that car I want it to be the option that does the least harm to me. Problem is that the AI may not share the same concern for me as I do.

Comment Re:Self Driving Cars (Score 2) 34

As a truck driver who has a little of this tech fitted to my truck already (adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking) I'm not worrying about losing my job any time soon. I live in a country which has lots of rain, fog and where it snows. The ACC and AEBS shit themselves and turn off when it rains heavy or as soon as the front of the truck gets a light covering of snow. Currently no autonomous car can drive in rain, fog or snow. The AEBS also has false positives ocassionally giving heart stopping collision warnings when I pass under certain bridges and more than once its slammed on the brakes when taking a gentle corner that has had metal posts put up along the kerb. Fortunately when it happened I wasn't carrying the load I was on the return journey otherwise there would've been a nasty accident.

And then there's the fact that with a truck there's a massive range of variables to consider compared to a car. A car never changes its dimensions, its weight is relatively constant. My truck changes length by over 40ft, its weight changes by up to 37 metric tonnes. Where the fifth wheel pin is, where the axles are, how many axles there are and whether the rear one is a steering axle on the semi-trailer all affect its cornering, manoeuvrability and reversing characteristics. All the loads on it have different effects on the handling characteristics and themselves need the vehicle driven to accommodate them. A tanker filled with 20 tonnes of milk for example requires a lot different driving technique to a flatbed carrying a 20 tonne slab of aluminium.

As I said, they can't yet even get the self driving cars to work anywhere where there's inclement weather which is why they're being tested in California so I'm not planning a change of job because of automated trucks any time soon.

Comment When I was a kid.... (Score 1) 112

We used to play outside, eat mud, get covered in dirt and our bodies built up an immunity to a lot of things. Nowadays kids spend their time glued to a TV, laptop or games console and their parents have houses with higher than hospital levels of cleanliness so the resistance to stuff we built up as kids never happens. When they're then exposed to the outside world they then catch all kinds of nasty stuff.

Comment Re:Why not just do it right? (Score 5, Insightful) 307

There may be a lot of new shows, but there sure aren't a lot of good new shows. I'm not having any trouble at all trying to choose what to watch. I'm having trouble finding anything worth watching

In the immortal words of Pink Floyd's "Nobody Home", "Got thirteen channels of shit on the TV to choose from"

Except its no longer 13, more like several hundred....

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