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Comment Re:Crescent won't learn (Score 1) 329

This seems to indicate that the alloying, casting, forging, cooling, or heat treatment just isn't up to snuff on some of the really cheap tools.

So actually the whole "buying USA" is a complete load of shite, it had nothing to do with the fact it was made in the USA and everything to do with the fact it was a cheap tool. As for Snap-On and Mac Tools they stopped doing their lifetime guarantees some years ago.

Comment Re:Sanctions lifted ... (Score 2) 229

they also won't buy any US cars.

Thats because on the whole compared to what is available from the rest of the world they're quite crap, especially in the fuel economy, power per litre and quality of materials used for interiors. Mitsubishi/Toyota make better pickup trucks, Land Rover and Toyota make better 4x4s, almost everyone else including European arms of US manufacturers like Ford and GM make better cars.

Comment Because "socialism" (Score 1) 729

The rest of the first world with our Commie governments have given us such nasty socialist things such as universal healthcare free at the point of use, minimum mandatory annual paid vacation (4 weeks minimum in the EU, 5.6 weeks here in the UK), in work benefits and far superior employment rights in regards to being laid off so we don't have to work like slaves. Americans are at the whim of their employers who can pull the plug on their healthcare plan at a whim should an employee get a little out of line. All they have to do is threaten to fire you which they can do instantly without notice and you'll do just what you're told because you can't afford to lose that healthcare plan.

Comment Re:If it weren't for games (Score 1) 314

People don't want to work to be entertained. They just want to play the damned game, watch the damned show, etc. And most people don't find fiddling with Wine settings and other "technical" things to be excessively entertaining.

Which is why after spending a decade and a half endlessly patching, updating drivers etc just to get games to work without doing things like crashing to desktop (BF2 you were the last straw) I now game on a console as I've had enough of the PC gaming merry go round just to get games to run as they should. Checking the READMEs of new graphics drivers for nVidia and AMD it would seem that "fixes X issue with game Y" is still a common reason drivers get updated.

Comment Re:My nose (Score 1) 496

We don't need huge 18 wheelers for the short delivery from rail to store. It's more efficient from a labor standpoint, I suppose, but Tracy Morgan, for one, would likely prefer smaller vehicles.

What an excellent idea. Lets replace an 18 wheeler which can carry 27 tonnes of goods/26 standard pallets and return 10MPG with a small truck which can only carry 1/4 of that and returns just an extra 5/6MPG.

Comment As a trucker.... (Score 3, Interesting) 115

.....I'm royally fucked. 12-15hr shifts mostly sat on my arse driving or waiting, 6hrs a day of broken sleep and to top it off I work nights as well. Already got a fucked back and am overweight, both of which are very common in the job. On the bright side at least I'll be dead long before my medical care gets really expensive.

Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 4, Insightful) 446

Then look at the countless number of people who have had their lives wrecked by it and not only those who were taking it. Long distance truckers on Amphetamine have had many accidents where they've killed some poor bastard in their car who was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the truck driver on speed.

Comment Re:What about the London Knowledge test? (Score 1) 114

Agreed. This is another anachronism in a world where cheap, reliable sat nav is readily available.

Using Satnav in lots of parts of London, especially the older parts, is a fucking nightmare. When you can actually get a GPS signal the streets are so close together and turns so near to each other that usually you find that the voice guidance is still playing the first turn when you've driven past the next one you needed to take. Then there's the main thing about the knowledge, knowing how London traffic behaves, knowing what the effects of a problem at any given point in the city would cause not only in that immediate area but further out and being able to route taking those into account long before the Satnav intelligent routing would even be aware of an issue because the effects of that problem had not yet rippled out but would've done long past the point where you could've taken an alternative to avoid the mayhem.

Comment Nothing to do with Uber at all. (Score 1) 114

It had nothing to do with Uber and everything to do with the fact that this year in the UK more transactions were done by card than cash and the UK is quite quickly heading towards a cashless society and would be if it weren't for refusenik retailers. Lots of people in the UK, myself included, quite simply don't carry cash around anymore.

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