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Comment: Re:just FYI (Score 1) 77

by ComputerPhreak (#49151607) Attached to: Banned Weight-loss Drug Could Combat Liver Disease, Diabetes
Go look up some accounts of bodybuilders who have taken DNP for weight loss. This "drug" (more accurately termed a poison) is used in a variety of places, including: "Commercial DNP is primarily used as an antiseptic. It is a precursor to sulfur dyes.[2] DNP is a chemical intermediate in the production of some herbicides including dinoseb and dinoterb. It has also been used to make photographic developer and explosives." People who inject grams of steroids and all other kinds of drugs even refuse to take it. The danger is that the lethal dose is only a few times greater than the effective dose. It is, however, incredibly efficacious... just also very dangerous.

Comment: This isn't how patents work... (Score 1, Insightful) 408

by ComputerPhreak (#46690241) Attached to: Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?
This same crap keeps coming up on slashdot, where someone takes some 'evil patent' that's 'so obvious', hunts down an example of something vaguely similar, and shouts 'look, prior art, prior art! it's invalid!'. This isn't how prior art (or patents) work. These are the same kind of idiots that seriously think apple patented a rounded rectangle, or call microsoft a patent troll, or whatever... if you don't like (software) patents, that's great, but take the time to understand them before flinging fud.

Comment: Re:I have become.... (Score 1) 190

You do realize both naloxone and naltrexone are opioid antagonists and that their sole purpose is to deter abuse when paired with an opioid? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphine/naltrexone "Embeda is formulated with morphine pellets and has an inner core containing naltrexone. The purpose of this formulation is to prevent people from crushing the tablet for intranasal administration or from injecting themselves. If it is crushed, the naltrexone would mix with the morphine and naltrexone would competitively antagonize the effects of morphine in the body. The inner core containing naltrexone is formulated so that if ingested orally, the core encapsulating the naltrexone would not be digested by the gastrointestinal tract."

Comment: May further widen gap between brand and generic (Score 3, Informative) 30

by ComputerPhreak (#39003321) Attached to: FDA Unveils Biosimilars Guidance
Anecdotally, a lot of people (including many who are well-educated about the pharmacology behind drugs) swear there is a difference between some generic and brand drugs, and between the different generics. Sure, most of the time it's a placebo effect, but there are legitimate factors that can cause real differences, such as different binders and fillers being used, that can change the rate of absorption of the active ingredient, or even cause unrelated side effects or affect the bioavailability of the active ingredient. It will be interesting to see if these new, more complex molecules will widen the (perceived or real) differences between brand and generic medications.

Comment: Re:Or perhaps.... (Score 1) 657

by ComputerPhreak (#33460146) Attached to: Flash On Android Is 'Shockingly Bad'

Up to you if you want to believe him, but Steve Jobs has said time and time again that the reason there is no Flash on the iPhone is because Adobe has failed to deliver something that performs remotely acceptably. Again, up to you to believe it but the fact that after all the years they had to make a "light mobile friendly" flash version, you can't really claim this is a first gen and forgive it. They supposedly have been working on mobile versions of Flash since before they started whining publicly about Apple not letting them put whatever they had ready out there.

Sound familiar to Apple, I think Steve is tired of being at the whims of other companies to implement hardware/software Apple relies on. Microsoft with IE, Motorola with PowerPC, IBM with the same, etc.

Comment: Re:Still behind id (Score 3, Insightful) 217

by ComputerPhreak (#29996668) Attached to: Epic Releases Free Version of Unreal Engine

Still behind id software and their GPL releases of the game engines.

What a troll. id releases its old generation engines as GPL, not the current or even last-generation engines. Unreal Engine 3 is not comparable to the Quake 3 engine, it's more like the id Tech 5 engine, which certainly isn't available for free licensing let alone GPL distribution.

Comment: Re:Eyecandy in cost of usability (Score 1) 1124

by ComputerPhreak (#29536293) Attached to: Firefox To Replace Menus With Office Ribbon
I agree with your post but...

It's why a badly-written Win32 app can't be minimized, usually can't have its window moved, might swallow its mouse pointer, and needs ctrl-alt-delete to be involuntarily killed

This simply isn't true (except perhaps the ctrl-alt-delete part). You can still minimize, maximize, and move a non-responsive application's window, its just that the contents won't be redrawn. The mouse pointer isn't drawn by the application, so it won't ever be 'swallowed' by the window. Also, in Vista and later (and with some display drivers under XP iirc), window contents are buffered by the system so even if an application stops responding, it won't 'blank out' or have weird visual aberrations.

Comment: Re:talk about not understanding the industry! (Score 1) 745

by ComputerPhreak (#29181185) Attached to: Why the Google Android Phone Isn't Taking Off

Wow, just stunning. If the lack of an idealized phone were the problem, WinMo wouldn't have anywhere near the marketshare it has. For Android to take over, one simple thing needs to happen - a wider selection of Android phones on a wider selection of providers, at a wide selection of price points.

And Apple's success is because there is such a wide selection of iPhones on a wide selection of providers, at a wide selection of price points?

Comment: Sounds a lot like True Knowledge (Score 1) 369

by ComputerPhreak (#27117611) Attached to: Wolfram Promises Computing That Answers Questions
Sounds like a copy of True Knowledge: http://www.trueknowledge.com/ I asked 'How many bones are in the human body?' and got the result:

I understood your question to mean:
How many bones (a rigid organ in the skeleton of vertebrates) does a human body (the physical aspect of human being - in contrast to the organism conceived as a person) have?
This conclusion is based on a single fact in the knowledge base:
206 is the count for the meronym holonym pair bone and human body - agree / disagree

It will even show you how it pieced together known facts to answer your question. It's pretty neat, although you have to register to be a beta tester to use it as of right now.

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