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Comment Explanasion (Score 1) 190

It may help to start by comparing a wired connection to wireless first. The cable that comes to your home uses much the same frequencies that are used all the time over the air, but cable company can use the same frequencies that are used outside the cable inside the cable but lets them use the whole spectrum or at least most of it because you will always have a certain amount of leakage. Even in a new cable system, you will have lose connections that leak RF, the cable company knows this and the put special frequencies not used outside the cables in the cables that can be easily detected when they leak and drive vans around mapping when they spot that frequency. then they can check for lose connections that might be leaking other frequencies also.
So what you need to understand is that each run of cable has a whole spectrum of frequencies allowed inside that can be shielded from outside interference, and therefore will always be better than a wireless connection in almost all ways when the cable is not having an issue anyway.
The cable company can also divide the cables going to different areas/nodes to reuse the same frequencies for things like VOD so a frequency on one node can be used over again on every node for a different customers VOD stream for instance. This is something wireless can not really do since it would run in to interference in the airways.
Now lets get to fiber, Fiber has a big advantage over copper cable in that you do not have to worry about electro magnetic interference at all, no issues with grounding or lose connections allow your frequencies out or other frequencies in to the system. It is easier to diagnose issue on the fiber using sensors that pick up back scatter reflections on the fibers. and currently they can support 400mbits per light frequency on the equipment that some providers use, with 80 frequencies per optical DWDM device, and I am sure they are already doing 1 terabit per frequency on newer lap systems etc with also more than 80 frequencies in use.
The fact that you do not have to worry about electrical interference is a big deal, you either have the light levels you need or you don't and no interference to worry bout, you do not have to worry about electric spikes from storms or anything like that being carried over the fiber and it is also much easier to run equipment that would detect anyone messing with the fiber or trying to TAP it.
So wireless might be nice and getting better all the time, it may be enough bandwidth today for some people, but will not be better than a direct connected wire or fiber.

Comment Re:Win10 is worse than Win8 (Score 1) 492

I do not like my PC to even download updates on a schedule, I could be playing a game or even up working late all the time and I have to real time I can tell windows to update everyday or week. I do not mind just turning off Automatic updates then, but it would still be really nice to have my virus signatures update automatically but unfortunately when you disable windows update you also disable auto virus updates also. Microsoft really could do allot better.

Comment Re:Plant Recognition (Score 1) 421

I have a great idea for an app, If someone does this cut me a check :)
A cool app would be if you could take a picture of a women, like a waitress or something, and the app would scan a database of Porn Stars and suggest a porn star that looks similar to the one in a picture. Maybe even tie it to movies for sale for that porn star.
Would be awesome.

Comment Re:My review (Score 3, Insightful) 148

Snarky assholes make snarky comments, go figure!
There is nothing wrong with watching a movie just for laughs and to relax, not every movie has to be watched so that you can prove how much of a intellectual you are. If you did not like the movie that's cool, no reason to be a dick about it.
If you watched this movie thinking it was going to be anything more than what you found, your the dumb ass, it was more than obvious.

Comment Re:My review (Score 2) 148

I am 43 and I still like the Seth Rogan juvenile films myself, I knew it would be funny stupid and it was, no surprise there.
But I will say I thought the whole film was twice as funny just because when they make fun of Kim Jong-un I just get this mental picture of Kim getting very upset somewhere and demanding they remove this movie from the internets!

Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 224

I been playing online games since DOOM (yes online via dialup BBS) and I have never cheated, not even a macro, I think its cheating. I loose to cheaters all the time. But the day I start cheating is he day I will just quit. I got better shit to do that let my PC play the game for me while sit back and think I am cleaver, I would rather just go do something productive that probably should have been doing anyway.

Comment Re: Good luck with that. (Score 1) 558

The problem with a credit cars is that it is not smart enough to handle assigning a different transaction number per swipe.
The fact we still use a system that has a couple numbers on a card that anyone can write down once and use until you notice there is a problem is dumb and the reason that selling people stolen credit card numbers happen so much. You may get the money back, but there is a hassle involved, the banks end up paying more, and just up their rates to make up for it, so everyone pays for a shitty system now.
There is no reason with todays technology I can not assign a transaction number from my account for each payment that is good once, or maybe even mothy to the same payee until I revoke it.
So it is not that credit cards are a hassle, they are just out dated, you can use something more secure that is also very easy to handle and keep up with on your phone.

Comment Re:What makes you think (Score 2) 174

It does not require the same path through the internet, but you wont be able to use one ISP's connection from packets coming back from the source of other connections IP address. you have to use one connection or the other, you could change your connections and restart you game, but the game will not let you change IP's during gameplay.
This whole idea had lots of issues anyway, if both connections suck, you should just get a good connections, if you want to play games, a wireless internet solution is just not right for you.
Pay for a good internet connection for gaming, I hear kids all day on server complain about their parents got on the internet and are watching Netflix and their ping went to shit, well the parents pay for the connection, so maybe you need to move a lawn once a month and just buy your own.
I know it is possible to have 2 cable modem in one house, and each will not effect the others bandwidth etc..

Comment Re:If the merger happens CNN must be spunoff. (Score 1) 63

Not to mention HBO, it has some of the most political shows on TV. Bill Maher, VICE, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
They run tons of political documentaries, Movies and Mini Series that cover lots of political issues with in the themes of those movies.
Letting Fox News take that over is crazy.

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