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Comment Re:Give it time (Score 1) 37

Transhumanism is inevitable. Shortly after prosthetic performance exceeds human performance early adopters and those willing to push boundaries will opt-in to the technology. Acceptance is then just a few short generations away, all the while the state-of-the-art will continue to improve.

Can you imagine a future baseball league with a F1 style technology homologation committee to normalize the performance of the athletes' augmentations? I can't wait! Unfortunately I probably won't live another 80-130 years to see it.

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

Granted and I got into a level of detail that probably wasn't necessary. I really meant to make the point that incarceration is a damned awful thing to do to someone and that they have to live with the consequences of that for the rest of their lives. Thinking of how the government has reacted in the past I could honestly see a 30-40 years without parole sentence happening in a case like this. If they'd brought something down it would be nothing to get that. Death is easy to throw out there as a "Worst thing we could possibly do to them" answer but it really isn't. There are plenty of potentially worse fates.

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

Well, they do make me angry but execution is kind of pointless and unnecessarily expensive. It takes ages to put one of these little assholes down even if it was legal to do so for this crime. People always want to jump to executing those who transgress but I think nobody gives long-term incarceration its due. Say one of these "scamps" was in his early 20's. 40 years without the possibility of parole would be a whole lot cheaper when you take into account all the money spent on appeals and he'd leave prison (assuming he survived it) in his 60's. His life would mostly be over at that point. With no employment history or experience, most likely outdated abilities and a criminal record he'd be pretty much unemployable beyond anything but the most meager of jobs. He'd get to live out his retirement mopping floors at night and (if he was lucky) living on some kind of welfare stipend if he lived in country that gives a crap. If he's American I don't think (but I'm not entirely certain) that people who spend their lives in prison earn any kind of Social Security benefit. The government should put forth a lot of effort to find these people, drag them to the states kicking and screaming if necessary, and then throw them in jail for the majority of the rest of their lives. Much worse than executing them if you ask me.

Comment What about aliens? (Score 1) 405

There is a low level but prescient rumor in some area that aliens are damaging windshields in cars. Go look at the windshield of your car and see if there are hundreds of little pits in them.

The pits change the characteristics of the light heating up the inside of the car on a summer day enough that several automotive engineering groups have had to deal with it. Typically it means doing something different with plastic. One example is the plastic covers over those auto belt things in the mid 80s where the plastic was deteriorating faster in cars with more damage to the windshield was mentioned in a an article in an automotive safety journal. The pits also mean the glass gets hotter as it ages so the frame has to compensate.

A vast majority of the pits are caused by tires throwing small bits of rock at an angle to the glass. The small bits of rock also seem to be tracked in from far away and aren't from the local road surface.

So when the light output goes way down, will someone also blame the aliens?

Comment Cool tech (Score 1) 262

I want one! It's brilliant design. Let's get the price down.

As for the woman, it's inconceivable she thought she could get away with it - it's easy to spot, with magnets if nothing else. Possible it was a trainer that got mixed in, or someone else's bike, I think they're claiming. Possible. It certainly jammed up the crank and gave itself away (toys don't always work, self-driving-car fans). As a cheat, it doesn't give you much, with a certainty of detection added in.
  I'll let them decide, but it would quite stupid if so if they brought it to race day.


Elon Musk To Unveil Mars Spacecraft Later This Year, For 2025 Flight ( 101

frank249 writes: Fox News is reporting that Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk expects to unveil plans for the spacecraft that would send humans to Mars within a decade. Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Musk said he was 'hoping to describe the architecture' of the spacecraft at the International Astronautical Conference in Mexico in late September. "That will be quite exciting," Musk said. 'In terms of the first flight to Mars, we are hoping to do that around 2025.' As for his plans to go into space, Musk said he was hoping to reach the International Space Station 'four or five years from now.'
Social Networks

Why Does Twitter Refuse To Shut Down Donald Trump? ( 832

Lauren Weinstein writes: The conclusion appears inescapable. Twitter apparently has voluntarily chosen to 'look the other way' while Donald Trump spews forth a trolling stream of hate and other abuses that would cause any average Twitter user to be terminated in a heartbeat. There's always room to argue the proprietary or desirability of any given social media content terms of service — or the policy precepts through which they are applied. It is also utterly clear that if such rules are not applied to everyone with the same vigor, particularly when there's an appearance of profiting by making exceptions for particular individuals, the moral authority on which those rules are presumably based is decimated, pointless, and becomes a mere fiction. Would you rather Twitter shut down no account ever, apply a sort of white-listing policy, or something in the middle?

Obama Calls For $4B 'Computer Science For All' Program For K-12 Schools ( 246

Etherwalk writes: President Obama plans to announce a four billion dollar computer science initiative for K-12 schools, where fewer than 15 percent of American high schools offer Advanced Placement (i.e. college 101) Computer Science courses. This is still very much open to negotiation with Congress, because it is part of a budget request from the President. So write your Congressman if you support it. The $4 billion would be doled out over a period of three years to any state that applies for the funds and has a well-designed plan to expand access to computer science courses, especially for girls and minorities.

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