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+ - VMware Acquires SpringSource

Submitted by Comatose51
Comatose51 (687974) writes "VMware today announced the acquisition of SpringSource. SpringSource is the privately held company responsible for the Spring framework for Java and other various Java development tools. According to the VMware blog, "... whether it's around speed of deployment, application performance guarantees, or providing resiliency in the face of component outages, we will be able to provide even more capabilities as we bring even more knowledge of the application and infrastructure layers together. We will do this by adding interfaces into vSphere that SpringSource offerings (and other application frameworks) can take advantage of and by extending our management and automation capabilities to be aware of these interactions.""

+ - Software, Tools, or Techniques for UI Review 1

Submitted by Comatose51
Comatose51 (687974) writes "Does the Slashdot crowd know of anything software, tools, or even techniques for reviewing the UI of an application? Right now at our company this is a long and arduous task of looking at slides after slides of pages and menus from our UI and taking notes and arguing over what should go where or how the UI elements should behave and interact with the user. It takes many, many hours to do this and with all our UI developers involved, it adds up. This has to be a common and recurring problem so there must be a better way to do this. If there is open source software to help, great, but any helpful suggestion would be appreciated."

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