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I'm advocating social peace.

Sorry, I don't believe in compassion and charity. Never worked, never will. Aside of stripping needy people of their last remaining dignity, it's also something you simply cannot rely on once time get rougher, i.e. exactly when those in need feel it the most.

That the supply side can fix problems is a myth. Sorry. It cannot. Mostly because there is no incentive. The economy is in the slumps because the demand is missing. And that in turn is something you can only fix if people HAVE TO spend when the economy would make it more appealing to refrain from doing so, i.e. exactly when the economy would need you to spend to keep it running.

Now, whether people spend money depends mostly on two factors: First, whether they want to. And second, whether they have the means to. You might notice that the economy actually kept going for a while even after the steam was off. That's because people still had money to spend. The recession came when this was over, when people could no longer spend because they had nothing left.

Our whole economy in the west is very heavily dependent on services. Services otoh are also the first thing people cut back on when money gets tight. What's higher on your priority list: Haircut or food?

There is a very easy reason why countries with traditionally "socialist" systems were hit far less heavily by the recession. Mostly because even poor people still have money to spend.

+ - Europeans came from three ancestry groupings->

Submitted by Taco Cowboy
Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A recent study by researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Tübingen in Germany has found that present day Europeans are descendants of three different groups of people — A near east farmer group, an indigenous hunter gatherer group, and an ncient North Eurasian group from Siberia

"Nearly all Europeans have ancestry from all three ancestral groups," said Iosif Lazaridis, a research fellow in genetics in Reich's lab and first author of the paper. "Differences between them are due to the relative proportions of ancestry. Northern Europeans have more hunter-gatherer ancestry — up to about 50 percent in Lithuanians — and Southern Europeans have more farmer ancestry."

The most surprising part of the project, however, was the discovery of the Basal Eurasians

Before Australian Aborigines and New Guineans and South Indians and Native Americans and other indigenous hunter-gatherers split, they split from Basal Eurasians

The study also found that Mediterranean groups such as the Maltese, as well as Ashkenazi Jews, had more Near East ancestry than anticipated, while far northeastern Europeans such as Finns and the Saami, as well as some northern Russians, had more East Asian ancestry in the mix"

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It's trivially easy to do that. All it takes is a redefinition of the value of numbers. Or have some fun with subclasses.

I know what you're trying to say, but you're dealing with people here who do math for fun. If anything I dare say that you should have someone coming up with at least five ways to prove you wrong before the sun goes up today over California.

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The huge machinery behind the NSA / CIA / FBI and all those alphabet agencies wants total control, and it has the enthusiastic support of private companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, amongst others

Obama? That one is but a puppet

When the term of this puppet ends, by 2016 they will have another puppet installed. But of course, they will give us an "illusive election", whereby no matter who we vote for, it will be their puppet who will be installed inside the Casa Blanca!

Viva la Maquinaria !!

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The problem is that in a market where supply outmatches demand by a sizable margin, capitalism cannot provide an equilibrium. And workforce is such a market. Supply outmatches demand by at least tenfold. And the usual market instrument of capitalism will not produce a sufficient solution, i.e. the supply simply vanishing because there is no demand.

People refuse to simply vanish because you don't "need" them. They'd probably rather kill you to get your money than die off peacefully.

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Usually such a thing happens when a butt-kiss artist meets a boss who is susceptible to being kissed up. Sadly our system does support such moochers. That has less to do with being sober or being on time, or even with competence. It's just that con artists will always prevail as long as people suffering from inflated levels of stupidity and people able to spend money are not two distinct groups.

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If they want it to be admissible in court, then it doesn't work so well.

The trouble with that argument is that it relies on legal rather than technical barriers, and the same guys who want to get you (generic "you") are the ones making the laws.

For example, right now in the UK, the law is effectively that you can be required to provide either decrypted data or the encryption keys to various authorities, and if you don't then that is in itself an offence that can in theory get you two years in jail. Naturally this is controversial, because like many laws relating to privacy and surveillance there clearly are real dangers that the law could help to protect against but there are also real civil liberties concerns.

Regardless of the ethics of the situation, right now that is what the law in my country says. They don't need a £5 wrench, and they don't need evidence gained using that wrench to be admissible in court. All they need, essentially, is suspicion and your silence.

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The UK parties have promised considerable additional powers for Scotland in the event of a 'no' vote

The UK parties have promised vague and unnamed considerable additional powers for Scotland in the event of a 'no' vote.
The UK Government saw the early polls, thought "well, this will never happen," and then didn't give it a second thought.
The vague, last minute promises reflect a screaming lack of contingency planning.

I mean, this vote has been years in the making and AFAICT, the UK Government never seriously sat down and negotiated "considerable additional powers" in an attempt to head off the vote.

David Cameron says he has no regrets over handling of Scottish referendum
16 Sep 2014

[Prime Minister Cameron] said that he had been right to avoid a third option on the ballot paper offering further devolution for Scotland and justified the tone and tactics of the Better Together campaign.

He said: "I had a choice. You either say 'yes you can have that referendum and here's a way of making it legal, decisive and fair', or I could have taken the approach of just putting my head in the sand and saying 'No, you can't have a referendum'.

"I think that actually Scottish independence would be closer today if I had taken that approach than it is by having a proper, legal, fair and decisive referendum."

He was unable to explain recent polls showing the referendum on a knife edge as he was "not a pollster" and his job was to change them not explain them.

The sun is setting in the British Empire's back yard.

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