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Submission Undersea Cables Damaged by Earthquake->

ColoradoAuthor writes: "The horrific earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in Japan have caused widespread damage to undersea communications, according to data collected by telecom industry sources. Initially, it was thought that the damage to the cables that connect Japan and Asia to each other and other parts of the world was limited, but new data shows the extent of the problems."
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Submission Patent Troll Meets "Think of the Children"->

ColoradoAuthor writes: An article at Techdirt asks, "Why Is A Charity For Abused Kids Suing A Bunch Of Tech Companies For Patent Infringement?" A group of "advocates for abused and neglected children" is a plaintiff in two patent suits against Texas Instruments, Freescale, Atmel, Samsung, and other semiconductor companies. Did someone donate a patent to the charity? Is the other litigant--Azure Networks, a frequent visitor to the Texas Eastern District Court--trying to create a positive aura around their suit?
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Submission Side channel attack on AES and Linux scheduler

ColoradoAuthor writes: A denial of service attack on the scheduler of current Linux systems (CFS) allows monitoring memory accesses with high precision. The researchers also claim to demonstrate fully working code for recovering an AES-128 key in real time without knowing either the ciphertext or plaintext.

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