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Comment Fyi cheap fire safes won't protect most fires (Score 1) 142

Fyi, inexpensive fire safes are rated to protect PAPER from burning for 10-15 minutes. They'll protect most computer media for about 7 minutes. The average home fire lasts about 30 minutes. Therefore, an inexpensive fire safe is "security theatre " for data - if you get the false impression that you're protected, that's a net negative.

They also don't protect from burglary in most cases.

Comment Erh... so? (Score 4, Insightful) 118

Seriously, I fail to see the story here. Scientist ponders problem. Scientist comes to conclusion. Scientist publishes conclusion. Peer review gives it the go. Scientists rethinks problem. Scientist thinks he made a mistake. Peer review looks at new conclusion and thinks first solution was correct. And, lo and behold, it was.

So the scientific method works, is that what the article should tell us?

Comment Re:This gen console hardware sucks (Score 2) 48

Consoles are cheap and, let's not forget that, very, very portable compared to PC rigs. What did you have to do to get your console over to a friend's house? Move the console and the controllers. He had a TV. And that's something you can put in a backpack.

Consoles and playing console games with 4 or even more people were the staple of geek parties. Hell, Nintendo pretty much built the Wii around the idea of being a party gimmick when you look at it and its library of games. Every other game has some sort of multiplayer mode and is supposed to be easy to pick up with little to no training time required to play along sensibly.

Sorry, but saying that "pretty much everyone who wants a console nowadays has one" is not going to nullify this argument. Yes, many people today own a console. This isn't so different from the past, though. Consoles didn't just get cheap in that last decade since it became the norm for game developers to axe a local multiplayer mode. And you may remember that the first console generation pretty much REQUIRED you to have someone playing with you. Pong is only so much fun if there's no other player playing that ball back.

The last console I got (a Wii, incidentally) I got for the sole (!) purpose of having a party gaming console at hand. I have no use for consoles that don't cater to this necessity.

I have a PC for my other gaming needs.

Comment Ok, what's the real agenda here? (Score 3, Interesting) 62

Because this is maybe the most stupid, most expensive and most error-prone way to set this up.

You know what's easier, faster and cheaper? Give people the ability to complain. Since you're monitoring already anyway who calls whom and at what time (oops, hope I didn't give away a military secret here...), let people record the time they were called and report this. If enough people complain about some nuisance, block them.

Unless said nuisance is, of course, not just some kid making phony calls but a company peddling shit, then you should give them the option to give you a cut of their profits to stay in business, making the whole shit moot.

As usual.

Comment With regularly tested incremental offsite backups? (Score 1) 142

> This is why local storage will always be king. I can be certain that nothing is going to happen to my stuff.

I take it you test your offsite backups regularly? Of course if you don't, you can be certain that eventually something will happen to your local storage and you'll lose your data - fire, theft, whatever.

Comment Let's cut to the important bits (Score 2) 48

Always-on copy protection that keeps the honest player from playing for the first month or two while it doesn't bother those copying it illegally again? Or something sane for a change.

Cut to the important parts that decide whether or not someone with half a brain even ponders looking at what the game is like before he dismisses it as "do not want".

Comment 3rd time: Wireless ethernet doesn't exist (Score 1) 274

I'm maybe 25% of the way down the page and already I've seen three posts from you about "wireless ethernet". Since you feel the need to keep posting that in reply to every message , I'll let you know: wireless Ethernet does not exist. No such thing. Unless it's installed in a Ford Chevy, by a man woman, during winter summer.

Perhaps the reason the people who make the standards have an opinion different from yours is because they have some clue what they're talking about.

Comment Re:"It's unclear what exactly causes the issue..." (Score 1) 158

But Apple never signed the Temporal Convention of 2237. Their CEO Steve21 even laughed at the threat the he'd be confined to the limits of his own mainframe, citing something along the lines of "that's 90% of all virtual space anyway, dorks!"

Why would they even bother with something like that?

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