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Comment: On the other hand, on one profile. Also Google Now (Score 2) 195

by raymorris (#49558329) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

I can appreciate what you're saying. I went the opposite way. I use Android, which means I use Google for maps, search, etc. Therefore, I've decided since Google has a good profile of me, I'll try to limit it to ONLY Google, rather than being thoroughly profiled by several different companies.

As a side benefit, Google Now does some pretty cool stuff as their database begins to have good data about my interests and such.

Comment: Re: Google Streams (Score -1) 196

by sillybilly (#49558043) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

how about another corrupt obamacare law passed where obamacare not about you but his buddies at high places at microsoft or google and passes a law where everyone must buy windows 10, or sign up for google+ else they get to pay a fucking tax penalty.. fuck that retard including his vice president biden and the rest of his gang

Comment: Re: Google Streams (Score -1) 196

by sillybilly (#49558037) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

the only problem with google+ for me is that it absolutely craaaaawls on an HP Mini 210 netbook.. javascript feces pouring down drenching this little wonder.. even facebook and twitter i only use the mobile site versions, as the main sites also drench this little thing with their elephant poop mixed with glue javascript feces that bogs everything down.. why oh why does one need a quad core supercomputer guzzling gazillions of watts to read fucking text, or view images and video on a stupid webpage? I'm glad they are failing.. they should learn their lesson.. to everything there are consequences, such as malicious coding, because ultimately the customer is always king, even if you like to believe it differently temporarily.. people can walk away even from computers whatsoever, after they feel too much shit taste from arrogant bitches like microsoft fucking with them constantly

Comment: 1 flawed car,dead & injured don't join $29 cla (Score 1) 96

by raymorris (#49557241) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

A _design_ flaw that effects all cars of a particular make is likely to result in a class action. A _manufacturing_ defect that effects only your car, or just a few cars, would be an individual suit, not a class action. Also, a class action is often initiated after an individual suit - a plaintiff shows that the defendant owes them, then lawyers put together class action to represent all similarly affected individuals.

Even when there is a class action first, an individually who has been greatly harmed is unlikely to join the class. I just received a check from a class action against Toyota. The check is for $29. Someone severely injured by the flaw wouldn't have joined the class, they sue individually (and maybe settle after filing suit) to get a more appropriate remedy for their specific situation.

Comment: Re:piracy (Score 1) 136

by Opportunist (#49555297) Attached to: Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers

The main problem is here the ease of duplication. You have here a commodity where nearly all the cost of its creation is fixed. Per unit costs are negligible, and duplication of a unit is trivial. If you are allowed to duplicate and distribute the unit you paid for, depending on the total market there is actually the danger that the maker cannot sell many units, resulting in you having to pay for the total production cost, or market forces dictate that this commodity cannot be produced anymore due to higher cost than benefit.

In a nutshell, if you can copy as you please, people whose income depends on producing content will stop doing so.

We could now start a debate whether that would actually be a good thing when people start creating content (or, if you please, art) out of love instead of base desires like money. One thing would still remain, anything where production takes many years and costs lots of money will not be produced anymore. There would be no blockbuster movies and no AAA games. And yes, again, it's debatable whether that would actually be a bad thing.

What I can agree with is that copyright has gone out of hand. That's true. We're now at the insanity of the lifetime of the author plus 70 years. In other words, it's unlikely that the works of the Beatles, which were created half a century ago, will go into PD before I die. That's essentially copyright for over a century. Copyright originally was meant to give a creator an incentive to create, so he could recover his expenses and reap the rewards for his art. But where is the incentive if I can milk a single hit forever?

Original copyright was 7 years. And back then, that was pretty tight. 7 years was not a lot of time for an aspiring artist to get his book printed and sold. Some managed to get into a second issue and still earn royalties for that, but usually, especially for young artists, those 7 years went by VERY quickly. Back then it took a lot of time to get a book edited, printed and distributed. Advertising was WAY slower (and less efficient) than today, and by the time most people actually learned of the book and wanted to buy it, copyright was expired, other editors printed copies and the original author got jack.

And that's when copyright went bananas. Today, we have INSANELY long copyrights while at the same time the time from conception to distribution can be measured in days. Hours sometimes, even. That simply makes no sense anymore.

So I do not agree that I should be allowed to do "whatever I want" with the work. I should be allowed nearly everything, in this we can agree. I should be allowed to use it however I please, view and listen to it in whatever fashion I please and if I do not want to use it anymore I should be allowed and able to sell it. I should not be allowed to duplicate and distribute it, though, at least for a sensible period. The original 7 years sounded very sensible and I think reducing copyright to this 7 years would allow copyright to become again what it was meant to be: A tool to balance the interests of creators and consumers of content.

Comment: Re:Are we sure these are parodies? (Score 1) 140

by Opportunist (#49555191) Attached to: Random Generator Parodies Vapid Startup Websites

Ah, ok, allow me to explain the joke: Hipsters do whatever crap they do and claim they did it "before it got cool". Or, to stress it even further, stop an action when it becomes mainstream. Tell you something about them actually enjoying any of the crap they do... but I digress.

So Hipster jokes center around them doing something "before it gets cool". Like: How do you turn a cocktail into a hipster drink? Microwave it for 30 seconds and drink it before it gets cool.

Comment: Why do we get to hear about this? (Score 2) 54

Usually when it comes to the whole security show spiel, there's little, if any, relevant information going public. Especially when it shows that the whole crap is just a big, useless black hole for pork barrel money. How often and how long have we been asking for anything that shows the whole TSA annoyance has anything coming close to resembling having a positive effect on security?

But suddenly we get such a report without even asking for it? C'mon. What crony didn't pay his kickback in time so his project has to be axed?

Comment: Re:I will never understand (Score -1) 96

by sillybilly (#49552359) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

Yeah, like good luck trying to win a case against Microsoft or IBM or similar patent trolls (I think IBM clocks the most patents, but I don't see any products labeled IBM I'm using, so it's like they are not really innovating, more like trolling, unlike Arm chips for instance, or even Intel and AMD), as there is no judge or lawyers alive who will go against the big dogs and risk their own livelihood and own children's welfare pissing them up while upholding justice. So that's all that intellectual property laws ensure, more ways and means to abuse power, and the lil guy, the individual inventor has all the more reason to hate intellectual property rules they concocted out of nothing, cuz all they get out of that is abuse from people that got good at not creating anything, but abusing the artifacts and subjugating everyone else into intellectual property slavery. And Microsoft and gang is pretty high up on that list when it comes to abuses, and they, but also Disney, are the main reason why intellectual property in general is viewed as something horrible, besides some publishing or label houses that pay like 50/50 or much less to the actual creators.

Comment: Re:Next up... (Score -1, Offtopic) 122

by sillybilly (#49552329) Attached to: Giant Survival Ball Will Help Explorer Survive a Year On an Iceberg

I been to Niagara Falls, behind the waterfall. It's not really all that.

Apple makes portable drives called time capsules. Maybe they could enhance the selection in their product lines and add one of these balls to their list of offerings, called a zombie apocalypse or nuclear apocalypse capsule. In a nuclear apocalypse you only have to make it for 1 year or 10 years, which is the amount of time they keep nuclear waste in a pond near the reactor, for the half lives to decay away, then there is a window in halflives for all possible decay elements, and the next ones have halflives on the order of hundreds or maybe thousands of years, which makes them faily safe and livable, or more like at least compared to the initial year or decade.
Make sure the include iodine and strontium nonradiating isotope doses, which people will have to use to replenish their bodies (iodine is in HGH, most important, while strontium not so much, other than for strong bone crystals you need crack propagation stopping defect sites, my guess is that, and then you have to eat pure strontium purified calcium only material, such as processed eggshells or even mined limestone but not seasalt or seawater extracted calcium, or seafood, where the calcium would be polluted with bone marrow destroying contamination.
The way the world is headed, increasingly stressed on rising costs, lack of resources and ever increasing population, there is a good chance that eventually somebody somewhere would go nuts and initiate a nuclear war. For instance when Henry Kissinger tried bludgeoning Mao Ze Dong into submission by threatening him with nukes, he replied: you threateing us? We welcome a nuclear war, in fact we could send 150 million women to the US and get instant voting majority over there and not even feel the loss in population from the 3/4 billion we have here (now it's 1.3 billion only increasing at a rate of 150 million per decade or so, or it used to in the 90's, which is still half the population of the US amount of growth per decade, but at least they have a one child policy, unlike India which just reached 1 billion in like 2007 and now they are about to overtake China with their 1.2 billion these days, and they have no one child policy, instead they have rolling blackouts of their electric grid crumbling from the load, they pull off a Mars mission costing not only less than what NASA spends on it, but costing less than Hollywood spends making a movie about going to Mars. They are also sitting on a shitload of Thorium, biggest reserve in the world, which can, in theory, with effort, be converted into you threaten us with your guns? Well our Buddha smiles back right back at you which a flash followed by a mushroom cloud. Check out this picture, Can you find Australia and Canada, dominion of the United Kingdom on it? What these mofos lack the most is good free porn and looser morals. Plus one is mostly ice, the other mostly desert, while India, Vietnam and Indonesia are mostly monsoon jungle. In Freedoom doom2 in later levels there are kama sutra or indian looking wall decorations everywhere, I have no clue if that's any kind of Omen. For now lots of Indians are vegetarian, but they have been bruised and abused through history with muslim invader pasha's shooting cannon balls at the Iron Pillar in Delhi, shedding a whole lot of their territory to muslim majority countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan (yeah now look at that chart again and include Pakistan and Bangladesh into your image of beach assault soldiers and count how much ammo you need to defend in case you have to), then they were the crown jewel of the British crown (i'm betting a good 50-80% of income of the british royalty that supported their world dominant navy such as at the Battle of Jutland was extracted from India, while the people there starved, just like people starved in Ireland during the potato famine while grain was being exported to England from Ireland, what else is new) with bloody putting down of uprisings by blowing from the gun (cannons) elderly hindus as punishment, then Ghandi liberated them through a hunger strike and partitioned India into the muslim and hindu majority regions, and recently they started asserting their power with giving the finger to patent trolls about pharmaceuticals with world IP coming at them from Switzerland and the US, and we are helpless unless we're willing to attack, they are also pissed at Monsanto for giving them seeds that fail to germinate when resown after harvest, they are all sterile plants and their failed farmers are committing suicides over it like lemmings, so there are all kinds of excuses to feel angry about if it is excuses you're looking for, and gone are the times of world stability when the two superpowers of CCCP and USA with cousins telephoning each other via a Washington-Moscow hotline dominated the world top down and ensured a stable world, and these new powers of China, India, Brasil, etc, are starting to assert more and more their power. We in the USA are fucking ourselves playing pyramid schemes with the housing market, then pyramid schemes with forced insurance like car insurance and Obamacare, and we got ethnic tensions here like I'm feeling it on my own skin and in my own body and in my budget, personally harmed over simply issues of ethnicity, so a socialist economy of high taxes and everyone benefits does not work here unlike in France, Germany or Sweden with superhigh taxes but a unified bulk single ethnicity, or even in China or India the ethnic tensions are lower. But if anything, I have seen no threats from India yet, if anything North Korea is the only one on the open discussion table about nukes, and I consider them simply the puppet of China that they wag at us every time they get pissed off, such as China holding the most US government debt, and all we can do is keep raising the debt ceiling over high housing cost, because high housing cost, that pyramid scheme scheme is the sole reason why the US is not competitive in the global marketplace, being by far the major cost in everyone's budget, except now here comes Obamacare fucking everything up even worse, bound to outdo housing cost, and what a fucking retard plummeting the country like that. Hey if they work for $5/day in Mexico right across the border, or $1/day in china for 14 hr days 6 days a week, me over here in the USA ain't got no problem working for 50 cents a day and leaving them all in the dust in creativity and productivity, but you gotta let me work out a way where I can make it on 50 cents a day. Duh. That means zero bills pretty much, and the government instead goes about the the other way, increasing taxes and piling on even more mandatory basic costs, instead of cutting taxes and working on cutting housing cost and other basic costs and dropping the minimum wage to make US small businesses competitive in the global marketplace, and people have jobs. I'd much rather work for 50 cents a day where my mandatory costs are 10 cents a day, then live in New York where you can make $40/hr but your cost of living adds up to like $41/hr. What fucktard wants to live in New York, or California?

Comment: yes, very common for appeal to instruct on the law (Score 3, Informative) 96

by raymorris (#49551587) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

The appeals courts generally rule on the LAW, not on the FACTS. So when they overturn a decision they frequently remand it with an instruction (not a request) to decide it in accordance with a specific understanding of the law.

Why send it back rather than just deciding the outcome of the case? Because the appellant ruling on the law may or may not change the outcome of a case. Imagine someone confessed to a murder, and there were also witnesses. The appellant court might rule that as a matter of law the confession is not admissible. They'd remand the case to be tried without the confession. The murderer might well still be convicted based on witness testimony and other evidence. The appeals court doesn't hear from witnesses, they just rule on points of law. The trial court would need to judge guilt or innocence, while following the appellant court's instruction to not play the confession for the jury.

Comment: a customer couldn't sue a car company, or any big (Score 4, Interesting) 96

by raymorris (#49551561) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

Suppose you bought a car which had a significant safety defect. You sue the car company. After a spending a million dollars on lawyers and experts, the company's lawyers convince the judge that you filed suit in the wrong court, so you lose. Now you owe the car company a million bucks. That type of outcome would happen often enough that it would be very, very rare for anyone to sue someone with more money than they have.

    Instead, the fees are based on fairness- if you file a frivolous suit, you can plan on being ordered to pay the defendant's costs. Also, if you clearly CAUSE a suit, you can be ordered to pay the other party's costs. As an example, suppose you write to the car company asking them to fix the defect, at a cost of $350. They give you the run around for two years, promising to fix it but they never fix it. They admit it's a problem, they admit they caused the problem, but they just won't fix it without being sued. In such a case, you'd probably be awarded costs (and possibly treble damages).

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