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by ColdWetDog (#48229951) Attached to: High Speed Evolution

Normally, the term "evolution" implicitly refers to super-long time frames.

Ummm, no it doesn't. Fruit flies, bateria, viruses and a host of other living things evlove on timescales that are observable by humans in near real-time. Taco Cowboy better stick to something other than commenting on biological processes that he knows little about.

It's not a well crafted sentence but yes, most discussion of evolution concern themselves of long spans of time. It actually has only relatively recently when we were able to clearly see evolutionary changes in macroscopic organisms that occurred over a period of just a couple of years. Of course, rapidly dividing little things have been the forefront of molecular basis of evolution for some time but some people have found it difficult to grasp that growing longer toes and creating antibiotic resistance are really the same thing.

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by ColdWetDog (#48229839) Attached to: CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones

I want my my police force - the one I fscking pay for - to have restraint, respect, and integrity for the citizen-bosses they've been privileged and entrusted to protect.

Then use some better metrics in selecting, training and above all, paying for them. When you pay a police officer just a bit more than a fast food flipper, you're not exactly going to attract the best of the best of the best.

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... but will be using a randomly-generated password for every website that asks me for a password.

I'm not in the position to argue the merits of the rest of your post, but this last part seems obvious.

Once you have more than a half dozen passwords, your ability to remember them drastically decreased unless you are some sort of savant. You need a password manager. Once you are using a password manager, there is no reason NOT to use a different, random, difficult to hack password on every site. I have no idea what the vast majority of my passwords are - the only ones I remember are the three I use multiple times a day at work. The rest get created and filled out by 1Password.

And, yes, of course, now I'm at the mercy of my 1Password password and the company's ability to manage their program. Can't be perfect and the current system really does suck but this way seems to be the best of the worst.

One feature I wish Agile Bits would set up is the ability to automatically change passwords on a regular basis. As it is, I manually change some high value passwords every so often (not Slashdot's of course). PITA.

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Easy solution: Hire clones of Bennett Hasselton. He spends 10s of hours a week solving the hard issues facing the world such as distributed social networks and the optimal queuing for ice lines at Burning Man.

Clones of Hasselton? I thought gain of function experiments were on a moratorium these days.

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by ColdWetDog (#48218447) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

If you are just trying to develop the next Unix clone of telenet or ftp, this argument might make some sense. If you are working in any sort of commercial environment, the cost of the PC is just a rounding error.

This entire subthread about the putative costs of a generic x86 box vs. something from Apple is absurd - nobody cares about these sorts of costs except poor hobbyist programmers -- and none of the companies, Apple included, gives a tinker's damn about this demographic.

For mid to upper range laptops*, Apple is very competitive with everybody else. If you like the tight hardware / software integration that MacBooks offer, then great. If you don't care or really want to run Windows, go get something else. I do wish that Apple had a few more choices - I'd love for them to resurrect the 17" MBP, but I'd also like Dell to have English speaking customer facing employees, for HP to make keyboards worth a damn and for Toshiba to simply go away.

But life is hard....

* The Mac Pro, especially the Darth Vader's ashtray version, is really a niche product

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Hell, the magsafe connector is worth that. One Labrador Retriever puppy and one Dell XPS power connector = one damaged motherboard - even though the Dell connector is pretty robust as these things go.

Nothing intangible about that. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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