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Comment: Re:How do you define a "gun part"? (Score 1) 396 396

They've already defined 'gun' as the receiver.. So go ahead and print your barrel (that should be interesting...), the stock (easy) and all the little accessory gizmos.

Or just buy a complete and functional AK-47 from Abul (discounts for quantity 1000). If he likes you, he might sell you an anti tank weapon as well.

Comment: Re: Privacy? So what (Score 1) 298 298

Apple's got you covered. According to their Plan For World Domination you are supposed to replace your Apple hardware every time a they come up with a new product or model.

Security through consumerism. Then you have to buy new connectors and cases and a new desk or outfit to go with your new shiny. Thus, it helps with the local and global economy and even generates more traffic on the Internet (all of those rantings on various support boards and all of those lovely adverts). Given Apple's push towards recyclable packaging products, it helps those companies as well.

What's not to like?

Comment: Re:And you all thought that Bill Gates was bad... (Score 1) 263 263

As you pointed out, OS X has a single digit market share in most places. So who in the hell are you talking to all of the time? Besides, if you are exposed to this weirdo OS all the time and you have an IQ higher than my Labrador Retriever, you should have been able to figure most of this stuff out.

It's for the 'rest of us' after all.


BLISS is ignorance.