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Comment: Re:oh wow (Score 1) 60

by ColdWetDog (#47959717) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

I could even see circumstances in an Apollo-Thirteen kind of accident where engineers at NASA could come up with a fix that's safer and more reliable than duct-taping some plastic sheeting to a bulkhead because the tech to manufacture a few parts exists with those that need those parts.

As opposed to use socks and duct tape? Philistine. I weep for the world that was.

Comment: Re:Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster 11 March 201 (Score 1) 54

by ColdWetDog (#47959297) Attached to: New "Crescent Bay" VR Headset Revealed and Demo'd At Oculus Connect

Things got serious.

Commenting with wit, snark and the very occasional bit of insight went from a light whimsical passtime, to a grave risk of the men in black showing up and disappearing me.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why bath salts are bad for you.

Get off of it. NSA and friends cares not one flying fuck what goes on around here. You aren't dangerous. A group of overweight, Cheetos flavored clowns locked in basement isn't a threat to anyone.

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by ColdWetDog (#47959005) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

Actually, it's television. Before TV (and now the Internet) you pretty much had to see people in person - radio was a poor simulacrum. Now, you can ' be with' your voters, up front and personal, pancaked and coiffed to look perfect.

With the Internet, you can tailor yourself to be exactly what the voter wants you to be. No more bad hairdays. No more potential assassins.

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by ColdWetDog (#47952221) Attached to: Data Archiving Standards Need To Be Future-Proofed

While there certainly is an issue with data integrity and retention, it is unlikely that anyone will need their entire DNA sequence "stored" for future use. It's becoming clear that the DNA you're born with isn't the same as the DNA you have when they recycle you. Further, medicine doesn't need your entire genome. Just the part that the doctor (or whatever they're called at that point in time) is interested in.

It is far more likely that you will be resequenced as needed.

Besides, you won't be able to afford it anyway.

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If you can't figure out a use for this technology, go sit in the corner and let the rest of us talk. Depending on the resolution, this could be used for object identification, for artists and engineers to quickly set up projects, for real estate agents to create quick walk throughs or better descriptions of property. That's just off the top of my pointed little head.

And of course, for the myriad Rule 34 topics that have already been discussed.

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