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Comment: Re:I thought Apple was innovative (Score 1) 398

by ColdWetDog (#48273447) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

Because you can't power a 'smart watch' with a self winding generator. Someone, in one of the innumerable past posts about this topic actually figured out the number of joules (not jewels) that a self winder could produce and figured that it would run a typical smart watch for about a minute. The physics just doesn't work. Same with body heat, solar power and anything short of a radioisotope generator.

Comment: Re:OK, but ... (Score 1) 280

OK, work this out. Let's assume that this person:

- has Ebola and is contagious
- is riding her bike along a rural road, somehow shedding virus all over the place (maybe she cut her leg and doesn't realize it)
- then you come along with a full bladder ....

What in His Noodlieness' name are you doing that puts you at risk?

On second thought, it's probably best not to know.

Comment: Re:More conservative fear-mongering (Score 1) 410

by ColdWetDog (#48246321) Attached to: Black Swan Author: Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin

Yes. While it may be a 'safer' way to view factoring risk, lumping what you don't know into an unacceptable risk category just isn't going to work. We would pretty much stop in our tracks. Of course, you can argue that this is exactly what we should do - take a technological 'time out' and let society get it's hands and heads around what we've created in the last 300 years, but I think that is a fool's errand. Not going to happen.

Comment: Re:Nonsense. Again. (Score 1) 410

by ColdWetDog (#48246101) Attached to: Black Swan Author: Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin

Huh? Wut?

Monsanto wants to make money. Lots of money. So you need lots of happy little people making other happy little people. They certainly can cause inadvertent harm - I think this is somewhat downplayed although I disagree with Talub, et all that this is a planet wide potential catastrophe. But to compare Monsanto with ISIS is silly. Religious nutjobs are just that. Telling them that Allah didn't say that all women are property or that they're not really going to heaven on the back of a vest full of TNT isn't going to get you very far.

If there was clear and convincing evidence that GMO was bad, then Monsanto would be shut down. That's the big difference. Right now, there are some concerns, but no clear and convincing evidence of that.

The failure of the argument presented by Talub et al is that even a total, world wide vector that killed off one GMO line (say, potatoes) would not result in world wide damage (as would a 10 km asteroid). The human race would work around a potatoeless planet, eat more maize or tomatoes or McDonald's or Tofu or whatever. It would be a problem, but a manageable one - largely on the level of a major tsunami / hurricane / earthquake. Bad, but not that bad.

Not game over by any means.

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