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Comment Re:Dumbest fear mongering yet on Slashdot... (Score 1) 144

I hope everyone realizes that there are plenty of autonomous 'vehicles' out there. Right now. With limited security. Most single engine planes have highly developed autopilots. The hard part is getting one to take off autonomously. That could be solved by parachuting out after you reach level flight. Steal a Cessna 185 with your typical Garmin AP. Land it in some field, fill it up and take off at night. Jump out and off the plane goes. You won't get to the White House or the Capital building but your could probably hit some random oil refinery near a city.

Even little boats now can install sophisticated autopilots that will drive the boat anywhere you can find on a map. And a 20 foot boat could hold a whole bunch of diesel and fertilizer. My 22 footer can drive out of it's slip and wander off 100 miles without any human intervention whatsoever. The only limitation is that the AP doesn't control the throttle. But a very simple hack could since it it has drive-by-wire controls. With essentially no security. Nobody tracks little boats except in a few very congested waterways.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem...True (Score 1) 144

It won't take a lot of people doing it - just one or two - to clobber a nascent technology. Security is going to be a big issue for autonomous vehicles. Not so much concerning 'terrorist' activities, but much more mundane things: theft, delivering drugs or other interesting packages and a host of other felonies and misdemeanors.

Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 5, Interesting) 84

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Of course the FBI is going to order stuff they think is useful. And they're going to cover it in the usual law and order gloss. Not that I think stingrays are the best way to spend money, but one does assume that organized crime is also going to look at the chaos triggered by the hurricane in order to do more of whatever it is that they usually do. Therefore the FBI needs to be prepared.

And the will likely use cell phones. Hence the stingrays.

If you look closer, you will undoubtedly find that every Federal agency used Katrina as an excuse to order all sorts of useful toys.

Comment Re:Backup camera (Score 1) 410

You can get the bits for a backup camera for about $50 on Amazon or ebay. Wireless transmitters make it so you don't even have to snake cable. You can even customize it so you get multiple cameras!

If you're electronically declined, I'm sure that there are car stereo installers who do this. It's so trivial it's not funny.

Comment Re:Market in action (Score 2) 54

The U.K. didn't get through to them. Oracle has lured them deeper into the cave. This will end up costing them way more than they had hoped.

Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valor! For the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel, that no man yet has fought with it... and lived! BONES of full fifty men lie *strewn* about its lair! So! Brave knights! If you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth...

Comment Re: Shocking (Score 1) 244

This is absolutely the best way we have for growing our next generation of politicians and advertising professionals.

Are you kidding? If Google, er, Alphabet could grow thousands of advertising managers in a vat instead of waiting 20+ years, we'd be farking swamped with adverts everywhere.

Not to mention the number of tiny brained politicians vying for TV time.

Do. Not. Want.

Comment Re:I wonder how they're jamming? (Score 5, Informative) 188

If you read the ARS article on this, you would see that:

"In responses to FCC investigators, Smart City later revealed it "automatically transmitted deauthentication frames to prevent Wi-Fi users whose devices produced a received signal strength above a present power level at Smart City access points from establishing or maintaining a Wi-Fi network independent of Smart City's network," according to a consent decree filed in the case."

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