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Ancillary Justice has its merits but read like an first novelist's smart attempt at crossing Alistair Reynolds with Iain M. Banks. Indeed, all three can/could do with good editors to tidy the worst longeurs. There's a little too much fashion sometimes; I rate Phillip Mann's The Disestablishment of Paradise as the strongest sf novel I've read in the past year, stylistically, structurally, thematically and in its characterisation and humour; it betters the Leckie IMO but only made one of the shortlists.

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Interesting, but as an annoying sidelight that is altogether too common:

HOWEVER!! The Kindle version which I received was full of typos, missing letters and missing words. There were enough mistakes that it passed through annoying and actually affected my ability to follow the story. To their credit the publisher contacted me directly to apologise and asked for examples of mistakes. I've provided some examples but have not heard back, nor do I know how to verify that current versions of the Kindle book have been fixed.

I hate that. How hard is it to copy something into a machine readable format that started out in machine readable format. What do they do, running through Slashdot's filters?

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Funny thing, that description sounds pretty clear to me (even though I have no idea what it actually means - looks like you're trying to change file permissions). I'd rather read that then wade through a poorly done You Tube video with iPhone photography and a halting presentation by someone with a bad cold.


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Grumpy grampy today?

You want, say, another article on whether Apple/Google/Facebook/Oracle/Lotus Notes is the antichrist?

Or another article suggesting that Africa/America/Germany/Qwghlm is the start and fundamental cause of the Apocalypse?

Hey, these threads at least have have some coherent responses. (Present company excluded, of course).

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You need to dig (pun intended) into the subject a bit more. The subduction zone of a tectonic plate might be 50 kilometers down, not 50 meters. People have suggested putting nuclear waste in some of the deeper ocean trenches formed by subduction zones where the plate boundary is thin ( 1 - 10 km). Problem is it would take tens of thousands of years for the material to subduct appreciably below the surface. In the meantime it would be actively falling apart just like everything else in a marine environment. Then there is the small issue of getting the stuff down to a particular point a kilometer or so below the surface.

Go look up Project Moho for the difficulties in getting stuff down to subduction zone.

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