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Comment Re: Paved with good intentions... (Score 1) 191

I notice you subtly passed-over mentioning Uranus. I know that was intentional: your kind always pretends to "forget" Uranus, but everyone who knows about Uranus remembers Uranus, and we notice when you passover Uranus. You think you'll get away with it, but we know, and we're watching you and we're watching Uranus.

Why do ACs always focus on Uranus? In every goddamned discussion about planets, it's always ACs that have to bring it up. Can't talk about Saturn or Pluto. Neptune is always left in the lurch.


Comment Re:humanmade? (Score 4, Insightful) 63

Not in the politically correct portions of Northern Europe. Misogynist.

But more to the point:

The new Dutch flume replaces an older, smaller version that will be retired after 35 years of service

Oh man, they should not retire the thing. They should commercialize the thing. You could make it into the ultimate water park.

Comment Re:More like "lack of clue" instead? (Score 4, Insightful) 202

I've wondered about this. Honda engineers publicly stated that they didn't understand how Volkswagen did it. Honda is a big company with huge engineering chops. They build all manner of one off things. They undoubtedly test all manner of technology. The smoking gun here was run by a consumer protection agency and a small university. Certainly the engineering might of the other carmakers could have managed this.

Comment Re:Endlessly Increasing Budgets (Score 2, Insightful) 202

Why do we assume that all government agencies need an endlessly increasing budget to do their job? Why do we accept endlessly increasing government budgets? We have a kneejerk belief that money fixes everything, but it seems only to bring more corruption, entitlement and fewer freedoms.

There is this concept of inflation. It works for the universe and pretty much everything else except, apparently, intelligence.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 4, Insightful) 202

No, it wouldn't the first time. Nor the first hundredth time. This is one of Congress's favorite tricks. Can't get rid of an agency outright? Papercut it to death.

NASA, EPA, NRC and pretty much anything that doesn't blow things up or walk around in the dark....

Comment Re:Let's not forget (Score 1) 107

+++ But this is pretty much always true of small nations. Unless you have money (Switzerland) or guns (Switzerland) or are just lucky for a while (Iceland, the Nordic states after WW II) or can group together to pretend to be a big country (European Union) you will always dance to somebody else' tune.

Comment Re:O Rly? (Score 2) 107

You're pretty far off as far as Cuba is concerned. Last time I was in Cuba was 17 years ago (through Canada). I don't think a lot has changed....

- Maybe lots of public spaces, hard to know. Not much commerce going on so lots of empty spaces in cities with people hanging around. If that's your idea of Parks and Recreation, fine. Seemed pretty dull and depressing unless you were looking for an underaged prostitute.
- Yeah, you only have one oppressor, Fidel & Company. But you don't have any functional legal protections. None whatsoever. The party says you're toast and you are indeed toast (if there was any toast around). Actually, the one oppressor rule wasn't quite correct. There is a thriving black market and those sorts of things are not run by idealistic people. I will leave you to figure out the details. It's not hard.
- Culture? Depends on your definition, I suppose. What I saw was mostly a wide varieties of different folk cultures. Interesting, but probably cost a couple of thousand dollars across the entire island.
- City planning? Without much money, the only planning you get is what was there before the economy tanked and the relentless creativeness of humans. The only central planning that sort of worked was with agriculture and that carried a high price (not everybody likes to be forced into farming). Castro's planning failures are legion.

Yes, you can argue that Cuba hasn't devolved into the horrid mess that is Haiti and the slow motion train wreck that is Puerto Rico and to a large extent the Castro's are responsible for that. But we all know that dictatorship is probably the most efficient of human political arrangements. It just lacks a few things.

Comment Re:Monopoly (Score 2) 360

What is wrong with you people? Do you not even causally glance at the summary? This has nothing to do with monopoly, Steve Jobs, Republicans or Global Warming. It's not even Bush's fault.

It's just contract law. iFixit signed a valid, legal document. iFixit broke the terms agreed to on the document. Apple 'punishes' iFixit for doing same - in a fairly benign fashion. Apple could certainly afford to take iFixit to court and bury them in legal cowpies for the next millennium, but they didn't.

Jeez guys.

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