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Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 4, Insightful) 252 252

park assist and auto lane changing

Admittedly I haven't bought a car in 8 years, but ... are those tasks somehow considered "difficult" such that it makes any degree of sense whatsoever to add expense to the vehicle to perform them automatically?

I should think anyone competent to be operating the vehicle to start with should find them trivial by definition, and anyone not finding them trivial should not be operating the vehicle.

Wait until you're 75. Or have a stroke. Or lose your peripheral vision. Or something.

Yes, 18 year olds should be able to parallel park despite an enormous amount of practical information to the contrary, but the real promise of automated vehicles is that it will allow people that cannot (or should not, a much large category) drive 'manually' have access to individual transportation.

That said, I think the premise of TFA is ridiculous. Most people are not going to be sharing vehicles nearly as much as he thinks. Even if they do, fleet vehicles tend to need more maintenance than driveway queens.

Comment Re:Slow Response? (Score 1) 157 157

I realize this exploit is a concern. However, is Chrysler sure they haven't introduced a bug with far worse consequences by implementing this change?

Of course not, but they are Doing Something. That counts for quite a bit in our strobed-goldfish attention span media. If they waited six months to fix it, they would just have a bunch of bad publicity. They would look like bad guys. Hopefully, they realize this is a stopgap and will actually go through the motions to fix the the problem.


Comment Re:Rent-a-pilot? (Score 1) 269 269

Not a bad business plan. Offer Drone Tours of New Zealand - precepted tours in places selected for appropriateness and beauty. Either BYO Drone or rent one. Maybe even learn some things.

The analogy would be photographic tours where you go with a guide that knows the area, knows what to view and when, has access to places you would not normally be allowed to go. A bit of a niche, but an idea...

Comment Re:Lots of Luddites this morning (Score 1) 238 238

We certainly haven't seen huge leaps in fuel efficiency of aircraft in the last 50 years.

That is not true. Modern airlines are 20-30% more fuel efficient than the original 707. While not an orders-of-magnitude change, it's significant. Physics is a bitch.

The 747, introduced way back then, is still produced.

Because there is a business case for the plane. It has little to do with technologic improvements. Other planes have come and gone mostly because of economic issues.

We had rockets that went to the moon, but no longer have the technology.

We have the technology, just not the political will to spend the money on this particular endevour.

We had reusable shuttles 40 years ago, but no longer have them.

A combination of money and the fact that the Shuttle was a hare brained design, even if it was really cool.

We had Concorde, and only now someone is trying to recreate a smaller version of it, and who knows if it will even get to market.

And again, it's the money, honey. Not the technology.

We had bombers that whose lifespan was, well, 60 years and still counting, while more modern bombers have come and gone


Blame that one on the idiots in the Air Force and in Congress who couldn't get a hammer built in a cost efficient manner. The physics, and therefore the basic design, of planes has been well understood for some time. Materials, electronics and engines have all improved drastically. And guess what. The B52 has all sorts of new materials, computers, engines.

Let's face it, as far as transportation goes, we have de-innovated. Yes, computers have gotten faster, and the gadgets in cars, trucks and planes have improved, but the transportation systems themselves? Stagnant at best and losing ground in many ways.

Not really, it's all about the economics (and the greed and stupidity of the military-industrial complex). We aren't 'de innovating'. If anything, we're getting smarter (except the military). We aren't pretending that the world is a Jetson's TV show.

Comment Re:I watched for 83 days Obama sent no one to help (Score 1) 195 195

Righto. I'm sure that the Coast Guard and BP had thousands of helpful hints from people like you and the astrologer next door. Ideas so intelligent that they blew past the several thousand highly experienced deep oil engineers from every single oil company and support company on the Gulf Coast that set to work on the problem.

No submarines? WTF is a submarine going to do - torpedo the thing?

"Simply place a clamp" on a pipe 5000 feet deep pushing out over 400 cubic meters of oil per hour. Simply. I don't think that word means what you think it means.

And read up on the concept of paragraphs and the become comfortable single periods.

And as to the rest of your rant -- take your meds.

Comment Re:Customers vs Patients (Score 3, Insightful) 204 204

This comes up all of the time. Here is a thought - you have a number of countries - like the entire rest of the world - where 'profit' isn't the driving force for medical care. There are dozens of governments who would love to have inexpensive cures. And these countries have lots of smart people, have lots of high end research facilities, have had lots of time. If there was some sort of simple 'cure' for any one of a number of chronic, expensive diseases it would have been studied six ways from Sunday.

It's not some evil collusion of rich, nasty old men. It's just that biology is fucking hard.

Comment Re:"Oracle Photoshop" (Score 2) 184 184

While hardly an Adobe apologist, you have a client that is running an OS that the OS vendor barely supports and you want an application vendor to tailor it's policies to your edge case? For software that there are other alternatives for?

Be reasonable. And, if your client is a 'real' business, suggesting that they torrent something is pretty dodgy. It could well end up costing them much more than an upgrade to a newer OS.

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