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Comment: Re:Shows the immaturity of the political system (Score 1) 91

You sir, are an idiot. The Aleutian Islands encompass some of the most productive fisheries in the world. You want you King Crab to glow in the dark? Your salmon to grow flippers?

Sea water causes things to corrode. Unless you vitrify the waste (and the vitrification works), it will leak into the ecosystem. There is a reason water is called the 'Universal Solvent'.

Comment: Re:Clear and present danger (Score 2) 158

Not to mention that there must be hundreds of websites detailing construction and programming of said devices. Dozens of forums. Even advertisements. Perhaps more surprising is that there is more than one manufacturer of small, GPS control multirotored devices available from such nefarious outlets as An interested person could learn themselves some valuable skills just by using the Internet and even better, contribute positively to the economy by spending money.

I guess I'll go and turn myself in now. That will cause me to spend more money on lawyers, allow the government to expand the incarceration industrial complex, contribute to generation of more laws and in general, help this great country of ours.

It's the American way.

Comment: Re:kinda illegal already, by a rule referring to a (Score 1) 158

Actually, this model is pretty widely used. The FAA and the ARRL (American Radio Relay League - amateur radio) work closely together and the ARRL is even responsible for first line enforcement. I'm not sure the AMA is a good example at all since it really doesn't make any broad rules of conduct other than some weak ethics rules. Remember, AMA enrollment in the US is, and has been, below 50% for a very long time. The FAA works closely with a number of industry and private groups including 'hobbyist' pilots (and then goes on to ignore everyone including themselves, but we are talking about the FAA).

But various government agencies do often work with outside groups on an effective basis. Sometimes for the benefit of society, sometimes not.

Comment: For all of you USA haters out there: (Score 2) 352

by ColdWetDog (#48930823) Attached to: Why ATM Bombs May Be Coming Soon To the United States

Along with Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and not many other countries, the U.S. doesn't require its plastic to contain an encryption chip, so stealing cards remains an effective, nonviolent way to get at the cash in an ATM.

"Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd for that?"

Comment: Re:Fifth amendment zone of lawlessness (Score 5, Insightful) 421

Just like that zone of lawlessness inside of peoples minds that the pesky 5th amendment creates, think of all the criminals going free because we can't force them to incriminate themselves! This is a situation that the DOJ and other alphabet agencies have brought upon themselves by thinking they are above the law in the first place.

Or the Fourth Amendment. Or the Second. Or the First.

The situation is clear. We must take care to ban this subversive document now. For the children! For the Feds! For great justice!

Exceptions prove the rule, and wreck the budget. -- Miller