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Journal Journal: Immigration

I think people are missing the point with this immigration stuff. The reason there are illegal immigrants coming into the country are the simple laws of supply and demand. There are more jobs then there are people to fill them (particularly the crappy jobs on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder) and the result is that they are filled with whoever is available. Because there are insufficient legal immigrants to fill those jobs, they get filled with illegals. The solution, of course, is to increase legal immigration to the point where it is equal to the current total of legal + illegal immigration. All the jobs will be filled, and there won't be as much of a vacuum pulling people into the country. Government policy will also be able to choose where those immigrants come from, what skills they have, what language they speak, etc. If everyone who wants to enter can do so easily and legally, then the problem will go away quietly. People won't feel the need to try to enter illegally, if they are more likely to get in legally, and in the process, we also catch those that we really really want to keep out. (Terrorists, criminals, etc). I'm sure there are flaws in my plan, but its a starting point for a discussion. Comments?

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