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Comment Re: An interesting option (Score 4, Interesting) 148

We can't build a sustainable habitat in Antarctica or in the middle of a desert

Can't or won't? I would have thought that it would be possible to create a habitat in either that would require nothing incoming. Not easy, but not impossible. It would just cost a fuck of a lot to build and would probably require a very large area (either above or below ground) to support just a few people.

Both locations, however, have the immeasurable benefit of being on a planet with a breathable atmosphere and getting the huge amount of resources required to set up this habitat to the location would not involve climbing a gravity well.

It's definitely a "won't" for anywhere on Earth and likely a "can't" for anywhere else in the solar system.

Comment Selective news (Score 4, Insightful) 414

The ridiculousness is not limited to the Labour party; the Conservatives actually put a deluded believer into an *actual*, not shadow, ministerial position and to top it all it was minister for health.

The UK press has been full of negative comments about Corbyn, more so since he became leader this weekend, so why is Slashdot joining in? Why don't you run articles on the front pages of the Daily Mail, The Sun, etc. for today and yesterday? During the leadership campaign it wasn't just the right-wing press either since many Labourites didn't want him since they think that they can only regain government by being more like the Conservatives to the point that they are now frequently referred to as the "Red Tories".

Personally, I didn't care about the Labour leadership election because I think that the sooner Scotland can get away from the rest of the UK the better.

Comment Re:Why just pharmaceuticals? (Score 4, Insightful) 70

Not just medical insurance companies. But that will come when wearing of these devices are made mandatory, probably an argument along the lines of "well only terrorists *wouldn't* wear them". Then following an accident anywhere (on the road, place of work, whatever) the insurance company will be able to analyse the data about your physical state prior to the incident to find a reason why they won't pay.

Wearing such devices wouldn't ever be mandated, you say? Sure they will, bribe... I mean lobby, enough politicians and it will happen.

People wouldn't willingly concede even more freedoms to wear these things, you say? Yeah... right.

Comment Re:Evolution ? (Score 1) 54

That was my thought. Common or garden avian flu has been associated with some human deaths. If any avians engineered to be resistant to that succumb to a virulent new strain then that could be fun.

When I say fun, I mean for the alien archaeologists piecing together what wiped out a civilisation.

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