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Comment: Re:Laws that need to be made in secret (Score 4, Informative) 169

by Coisiche (#49628907) Attached to: Extreme Secrecy Eroding Support For Trans-Pacific Partnership

I see no problems with other countries suing US regulatory agencies for lost revenue when their deadly products are taken off the market in the US.

Yeah, we have a similar problem in Europe where the TTIP (as in Transatlantic) would open up to a flood of US products that would fail current European regulations. Only the lawyers are going to get rich out of it.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by Coisiche (#49461553) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

Similar thing in UK. The right wing press will smear the leaders of parties that are not the Conservatives over their ex-girlfriends, the design of their kitchen and even questioning the patriotism of their parents. Nicola Sturgeon earned a "Most Dangerous Woman in the Country" headline in the Daily Mail (just the English edition, they all have Scottish editions with slightly different content because, well, money) despite the fact that she is not even a candidate in the upcoming General Election.

Comment: Re:Dynasties (Score 1) 676

by Coisiche (#49461521) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

Of the more than 100 million eligible citizens in the US, is the best candidate for President another Bush or Clinton? Really???

Well, living in another country I have no oar in this, but don't dynasties have a genetic component? Hillary is a Clinton by marriage but all the Bush's have shared genes.

Comment: Re:Color blindness is useful though (Score 1) 137

by Coisiche (#49461499) Attached to: UW Scientists, Biotech Firm May Have Cure For Colorblindness

Also off topic, I'm reminded of the fact that some people don't approve of green traffic lights and their local council requires a significant budget to replace them. Maybe they should try bluer shades of green since blue would be an acceptable colour to the local populace.

Comment: Re: And it's not even an election year (Score 1) 407

For the record, we are not a Democracy...

Amen. And for the record, nor is the UK where I live.

...we are a Republic...

No, I'd say that both USA and UK have become Oligarchies in the last 30 years.

...ruled by laws that make all if equal

Are you going for a +5 Funny mod, because I laughed.

Comment: Re:Easy grammar (Score 1) 626

there are a lot of native English speakers, a ton more who know it very well as a second language with a good degree of proficiency

In my experience many Europeans who have it as a second language use it more adeptly than alleged native speakers. On first hearing a Swede on TeamSpeak, I was convinced he was English because there wasn't a hint of accent.

Comment: Re:Related to the Boston Marathon how? (Score 1) 246

by Coisiche (#49420811) Attached to: Watching a "Swatting" Slowly Unfold

People that have actually lived through an event like that tend to react slightly differently than those who haven't.

Perhaps it depends on the people. Terrorist bombings in London were not uncommon in the early 1990s and there were also a lot of bomb scares around the same time. I was in Victoria station in February 1991 when a bomb exploded. A strange experience, I had my back to the blast and the force of the shockwave, even some 40 meters away, was remarkable. Anyway, a few months later I got stuck in a bank during my lunch hour because a bomb scare caused the police to close Fleet Street while I was in it. Thing is these types of scares always turned out to be false alarms, they never caught one before the fact, so I was nothing but irritated about the fact that a policeman wouldn't let me leave the bank until the all clear had been called. I would have been quite relaxed to walk back along Fleet Street despite this bomb scare.

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