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Comment Re:can't have the plebs (Score 1) 609 609

No, the police aren't our masters. Although they are paid to "serve and protect" us, the truth is that their interest is whatever the government tells them it should be and the governments get their instructions from whomever pays the ruling party most. The party, not the government. So pay all the parties that are likely to form governments and you will always get your way.

Comment Re:Of course not. (Score 1) 307 307

They were also trying to get a fetch-and-return lunar soil sample mission completed before Apollo 11 so that they could claim a small victory over the USA. It failed though. It was another year before they got a successful one.

The most telling statistic with the lunar rocks though is that 3 USSR robotic fetch-and-return missions amassed a total of some 300 grammes. In comparison the 6 Apollo missions amassed some 300 kilogrammes.

Comment Re:I'm not smart enough (Score 3, Informative) 226 226

Some European countries are defining reserved sectors in the TTIP negotiations, like healthcare, so that some transnational corporation can't sue them over having to compete with an established national service. Others, like UK aren't having any reserved sectors. From the rush David Cameron seems to be in to get it approved I can only assume he is being very well rewarded.

Comment Re:Such a nice, sugary story.... (Score 1) 614 614

Why you could write a Python script called to do their job.

Maybe it's early yet but I was expecting to see reply posts about how the job is much more complex than that and can only be done by a gifted person and not just any old random Joe. I did consider that probably not many CEOs will have /. accounts but there seems to be plenty of people who are not CEOs that buy into that concept.

Comment Re:Laws that need to be made in secret (Score 4, Informative) 169 169

I see no problems with other countries suing US regulatory agencies for lost revenue when their deadly products are taken off the market in the US.

Yeah, we have a similar problem in Europe where the TTIP (as in Transatlantic) would open up to a flood of US products that would fail current European regulations. Only the lawyers are going to get rich out of it.

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