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Comment Re:They are almost 1%ers. (Score 1) 84

Well if you assume the majority of Slashdot commentators are based in the US, then, from that link you provided...

Making The U.S. One Percent Of course, Americans live in the United States, contending with U.S. prices. Who constitutes the one percent if you just look at the U.S.? Not surprisingly, it takes a massively higher income to crack the top percentile of wage earners: You’d have to make $434,682 in adjusted gross income to make the cut, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation. And to rank amongst the highest one percent of Americans by wealth? That requires net assets of more than $7 million, based on the latest Federal Reserve figures.

Being in the global one percent doesn't cut it when you're in a country where not many fall within the global poor 99%.

Disclaimer: I have always lived in United Kingdom. We don't really have basements.

Comment Re:The earth is flat? (Score 5, Interesting) 235

I'd expect the flat-earthers to have a stock reply for that one. Much like the believers of other ridiculous things have their toolkit of responses to use to deflect the truth.

Having said that, I would be really interested in their explanation of how it can be noon in Hawaii at the same time as it's the middle of the night in Paris. That's got to be a good one.

Comment Just wondering (Score 2) 125

It seems the report is only available after registration and I'm not going to bother but there's a question on my mind.

This was based on response entries on a website devoted to linking job seekers with employment. So the majority of users, who will be the job seekers rather than the employers, will want employers to have the expectation that greater salaries are required to attract, motivate and retain staff... how likely is it that a proportion of the responses were wishful thinking rather then accurate?

Comment Re: Yeah, sure (Score 1) 412

It's funny how everyone seems to "know" that benefit tourism exists, well by everyone I mean those who read The Daily Mail/Express/Telegraph, but the actual evidence seems to be harder to find.

Maybe my experience is atypical but everyone I'm acquainted with who is from elsewhere in Europe is either a student or has a job and everyone I know on benefits was born here.

Submission + - 10 year old Muslim boy probed for 'terrorist house' spelling error

AmiMoJo writes: A 10-year-old Muslim boy who mistakenly wrote that he lived in a "terrorist house" during an English lesson at school has been investigated by police. The pupil, who attends a primary school in Lancashire, meant to say he lived in a "terraced house". The boy was interviewed by Lancashire Police at his home the next day and the family laptop was examined. The 2015 Counter Terrorism and Security Act means that Teachers have been legally obliged to report any suspected extremist behaviour to police since July. Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, the UK's largest umbrella group for Islamic associations, said he was aware of dozens of cases similar to that of the schoolboy.

Submission + - 100 Drones Fly in Formation to Set New Guinness World Record (

Zothecula writes: Intel has teamed up Austria's Ars Electronica Center to set a new world record for the most drones to be airborne simultaneously. The display saw 100 unmanned aerial vehicles take flight in pre-programmed formation, offering onlookers an impressive light show synchronized to the sounds of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: World's Largest Canyon Hides Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet - Tech Times (

Tech Times

World's Largest Canyon Hides Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet
Tech Times
Latest satellite data analysis indicates that a canyon and lake system may be hiding beneath the Antarctic ice sheet (file photo). The massive undiscovered gem – now being confirmed by an airborne survey – is believed to be bigger than the Grand Canyon.
World's Largest Canyon Discovered Hidden Beneath Antarctic IceScience World Report
World's largest canyon, dwarfing Grand Canyon, might be buried underneath ... Fusion
World's Largest Canyon Could be Hidden Under Antarctic Ice SheetI4U News
Mid-Day Daily-Mirror Daily-Geology
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