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Comment: Re:Marvel's Cinematic Universe (Score 1) 98

by CohibaVancouver (#49029827) Attached to: Spider-Man Finally Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

For every character that's added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe you get one more reason to ask "Why doesn't "X" get off his ass and help out?"

Same glaring problem in the comics, though. Where's Superman when Batman is in trouble? Where's Iron Man when Spider-Man needs help?

Comment: Re:Why would you want this? (Score 1) 178

by CohibaVancouver (#48886297) Attached to: New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed

You'd still be an addict, just one who could never satisfy his cravings.

Yes, but eventually the cravings would be greatly reduced.

If I dropped a chain-smoker on a desert island for a year with everything they needed, but without any cigarettes, their first month would be hellish, but by the end of the year most of the nicotine cravings would be gone.

Comment: Re:No way! (Score 2, Insightful) 514

You'll have to define "common sense" for me. My understanding of it is incompatible with your description of it. Common sense is a groupthink. It's a moron-level competent man standard.

But how far does it extend?

Everyone in the developed world thinks it's common sense to provide healthcare to all of one's citizens. Not the USA - That's commie talk.

Everyone in the developed world thinks it's common sense to restrict access to firearms. Not the USA - That's Theft of Freedom.

So sure, it's common sense not to run over your foot with a lawnmower, but anything more complicated than that...

What good is a ticket to the good life, if you can't find the entrance?