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Comment: Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 49

by CohibaVancouver (#47926427) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

There's a reason why the DC-10 isn't used anymore.

Explosive Decompression

Incorrect. DC-10s were perfectly safe aircraft that flew millions of miles. They weren't explosively decompressing left right and center.

DC-10s aren't flying passengers any more because they don't have the efficiency of modern airliners like the 787. They're heavier, have more drag, and burn more fuel - Particularly due to the their three engines.

FedEx still operates a whack of 'em hauling cargo.

Comment: Political Science (Score 1) 367

by CohibaVancouver (#47922207) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?
I have a liberal arts degree (Political Science) and I work in tech as a product manager - Writing requirements docs, training, travelling, evangelizing as the voice of the customer. I also have more job security than my coder-peers as my job hasn't been outsourced, unlike many of theirs.

However, I've always dabbled in computers and software, going back to my TRS-80 Model 1 in 1980.

The biggest challenge is that while Tech CEOs talk the talk of wanting 'critical thinking skills' it doesn't translate down to the line managers doing the hiring. All they know is STEM, so that's what they fall back on.

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Why is it that if you copy something it's called a fake, but if you also destroy the original it's called restoration?

Interestingly, that's how transporters might eventually work:

Scan you, transmit scan data, reassemble you at the other end based on the data, confirm checksum, then destroy original.

Comment: Re:Do We Want Our Gov't to regulate the drones? (Score 3, Informative) 94

by CohibaVancouver (#47896913) Attached to: Drone-Based Businesses: Growing In Canada, Grounded In the US

So basically what you're saying is humans are flawed, so we need some flawed humans to make rules for the rest of the flawed humans?

Yes, because some humans are way more flawed than others.

Here in Vancouver, flawed humans are flying drones around jets landing at our airport. Less flawed humans are making rules around that, which is OK by me.

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by CohibaVancouver (#47890439) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers

You know, the amazing thing is they feel they have a right to be angry.

You're using a western mindset.

He's some impoverished guy in India desperate to make a few rupees from someone who, in his eyes, is very wealthy.

The 'wealthy' person has wasted his time, so he's angry. His 'boss' will probably yell at him for being unsuccessful, so he's angry.

It's not cut-and-dry like you might think.

Comment: Re:No deaths? (Score 2) 174

If nobody has died why is this news? Slow news day?

Do you have children?

From the article -

HEV68, which almost uniquely affects children, tends to first cause cold-like symptoms, including body aches, sneezing and coughing. These mild complaints then worsen into life-threatening breathing problems that are all the more dangerous to children with asthma.

Sure, having your child day is way worse than having your kid really sick, but having a really sick kid is pretty horrible as well. That's why it's news.

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Yes, and flying costs more than the Greyhound bus, especially when you multiply that by the number of people in your family.

That's why there are very cheap seats, with lousy legroom. If you want a little more, you pay a little more. If it's too much, stay in the cheaper seats, take the Greyhound, or don't go.

Comment: Re:How would we know? (Score 4, Informative) 812

There isn't a "little bit better" choice on domestic flights, even international flights on the same continent.

Of course there is. Lots of airlines have a "little bit better choice" option.

Here's one - About $50 - $75 more on a flight to Canada -

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