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Comment Re:Someone explain to me please... (Score 1) 202

Never mind I think I got it. "Because the expansion of space is independent of the light traveling through it, and the light that has just arrived came to us in some cased from objects that are now much further away than 14B lightyears" If that is correct then It helps my understanding somewhat.

Comment Re:Why tell everyone you believe it? (Score 1) 381

I would think that slowly dealing with the information would make it easier to discredit and the passage of time would out date or make irrelevant the information. Plus it gives them time to watch and find where it might be maybe? Cutting the rest out if found.

Comment Re:i understand that meteors are neat and all.. (Score 1) 111

My wife and i both saw this one from the back yard here in Bradenton, Fl. While i see quite a few of them myself this one was pretty bright. Short only lasting a few seconds. What makes it stand out to me was even through tree branches it was a pretty bright flash of light. Much brighter than normal compared to the dozen or so I've seen in the last few months. and there is a lot of light pollution here.

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