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+ - Old Vinyl Stuff?

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CoderDog writes "Tonight I was listening to Don McClean's "American Pie" CD. In the vinyl days, it was a two disc album. My ex-wife got that in the divorce. I like my ex-wife a lot, but she won't give up the LP for ripping. So, the one I'm listening to is a CD, with abridged content. "Smash a bottle", (IIRC? It's been 30 years, FGS) not there. No trace. "Vincent" and not "Smash a Bottle"? Travesty. Thers's a list of other songs I miss from te vinyl days. What is it with artists that have regrets with past works? Maybe it's the labels? I liked "smash a bottle". As a song, it was a great memorial to people I knew who cruised the edges of society, 30 years ago. Post-2000, I know a lot more people who now cruise the edges. I suppose it's because Dubya and his minons make sure the edges are so near for any who're not in the Forbes 100. But, I'm not privy to that info and totally not sure. (But, I am sure they don't pay a tip tax when they hit the hook shop. Hah! But, I quibble.) Back to my query. Where can I legally find old albums, albums that weren't cut to fit the CD size factor?? Bonus points for legal stuff. Abuse yourselves mercilously for illegal submissons, because all submission is welcome in the Dubya era. Doubly so, compared to previous US fascistic regimes, at least. Or, roll te 20d. I miss my vinyls."

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