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Comment: Re:He's winning b/c he gets the right answers (Score 1) 412

by CodeHxr (#46164339) Attached to: Audience Jeers Contestant Who Uses Game Theory To Win At 'Jeopardy'
This sounds plausible at first glance, but for it to really be true, then the entire game would need to be rigged (as per "pro" wrestling) otherwise there's no guarantee that the "villain" would win and stay on the show long enough to actually rile people up.

Comment: Re:I wonder when... (Score 1) 722

by CodeHxr (#45259485) Attached to: Google: Our Robot Cars Are Better Drivers Than You
Disagree. Fuel economy is my primary motivating factor in a vehicle; I don't care so much for entertainment value in a method of transportation, it's all function over form. While I do know people who are as you describe (most of them are very young drivers), they are finding themselves in an accelerating minority.

Comment: Re:We don't need corporate proselytizing in classe (Score 1) 356

by CodeHxr (#44947535) Attached to: California Elementary Schools To Test Anti-Piracy Curriculum

It's time to tell the RIAA and MPAA companies that enough is enough, and to curb their power to turn participatory culture into mere consumerism by putting an end to never-ending copyright terms.

I'm all for this. How do we do it? Especially if they're even half as entwined with the government as the tin foils suggest...

Comment: Re:No co-op (Score 1) 263

by CodeHxr (#44832261) Attached to: Valve Announces Family Sharing On Steam, Can Include Friends

I think this functionality depends on how the game is implemented, rather than what Steam can do about it.

Truth. Dungeon defenders can play multiple players on one PC with only one copy of the game. Of course, you need controllers for the additional players, but that's beside the point. :)

Comment: Re:That decides it (Score 1) 509

by CodeHxr (#43980131) Attached to: Sony's PS4 To Have Less Stringent DRM Than Microsoft's Xbox One

Microsoft wont blame themselves for any difference between actual and total expected sales. They'll just prefer to blame the console market for being dead.

The only figure that will force MS to face reality is the actual difference between Xbox One and PS4 sales.

Oh, no. They'll find a way to blame piracy as well. Especially if the console gets rooted as per some comment above.

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