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Comment Re:contempt? never! (Score 1) 213 213

So what ? You seem quite polarized on Joffrin. Indeed, he's very representative of a particular leftist current of thought that is present in France and more generally in Europe. However, this is just this: a current of thought. It is not like if it was the dominant current of thought.

My United Airlines Website Hack Gets Snubbed 187 187

Bennett Haselton writes: United Airlines announced that they will offer up to 1 million air miles to users who can find security holes in their website. I demonstrated a way to brute-force a user's 4-digit PIN number and submitted it to them for review, emailing their Bugs Bounty contact address on three occasions, but I never heard back from them. Read on for the rest. If you've had a different experience with the program, please chime in below.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595 595

Lets make every one change how to dial a phone! Yeah, we all can dial circuit numbers.

First we had 6 numbers. Then we had 7. Then we had 8. Finally, we now have 10. And I do not even talk about region-specific prefixes that were used at a time but are now obsolete. So yes, we did make everyone change how to dial a phone, at least in my country.

Comment Re:What about a bus? (Score 1) 280 280

I think you got your ordering wrong. From your source:
The overall energy intensity of the intercity bus mode, which is measured in BTUs (British thermal units) per passenger-mile, is 713, compared with 2,441 for intercity passenger rail (Amtrak); 3,999 for certified air carriers; and 4,238 for public transit buses. Automobiles experience 3,671 BTUs per passenger-mile.

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