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Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 137

This is the attitude I don't understand.

You do not understand people being cheap ? Because even if many great thinkers of slashdot will not recognize it and will try to rationalize piracy in a way or the other, this is still the main driving factor for most of the people using this kind of solutions.

Comment Re:I prefer the real thing versus a 2nd rate wanna (Score 1) 158

Yeah, you just went and looked that up to defend against a really old Mac rant. Thunderbolt is available outside of Apple, but not widely adopted. That was the definition of 'proprietary' you had in mind, but you tripped over your own terminology. Next time you might use the phrase: 'Practically proprietary', or something like that. Or avoid it altogether by saying what you really mean: 'There isn't a Mac configuration that suits me.'

Comment Re:I prefer the real thing versus a 2nd rate wanna (Score 1) 158

Oh, and it's trademarked and patented by Intel, not Apple. It isn't exclusive to Mac. In fact it works in Linux and Windows as well. Firewire, USB, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc, are trademark and patented as well. The reason you're confused about my definiton of proprietary is because this is the first time you've been called out for not knowing what you're talking about.

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