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Comment: 3rd parties (Score 2) 529

by CobaltBlueDW (#41736147) Attached to: Third 2012 US Presidential Debate Tonight: Discuss Here

We as a nation always complain about our 2 party system and all the problems that come with it. We also frequently joke about how neither of the candidates are exceptional. We then proceed to completely ignore all third party candidates. Realistically no third party candidate can win, but the more votes they get, the more seriously they will be taken in the future. Parties need to get 15% to get in these debates. If you view this system a bit like a free market, that's like saying a small business needs to take 15% market share from two colluding conglomerates. The third parties have been almost entirely ignored by the major political news dialog. Part of that is the fault of the news organizations that specialize to target a major political demographic, but part of that problem is us.

Comment: Laptops aren't good for business?! (Score 1) 625

by CobaltBlueDW (#41601849) Attached to: Will the Desktop PC Live Forever?

I like how he tried to sneak laptops in there at the end. You can definitely do REAL business on a laptop. In fact, my life would be a hassle if you couldn't, I take a laptop everywhere with me. Laptop + Smart-phone-Hotspot = business ANYWHERE. You might be able to get more power for the price with a desktop, but there are very few jobs where PC performance is an issue.

Comment: Re:Freedom (Score 1, Insightful) 584

by CobaltBlueDW (#41421219) Attached to: Federal Judge Says No Right To Secret Ballot, OKs Barcoded Ballots

I'm shocked that people think not letting others know their political actions is an issue of liberty or privacy. Would it be okay if your state representative didn't tell you how he/she voted on bills? Everyone in this thread is blathering about their political opinions on the internet, but put that opinion in a check box on a public government form and suddenly it's encroaching on your civil rights. If you are so insecure about who/what you vote for, don't vote. All political/government actions, aside from national security, need to have public transparency. Your vote is your participation and collaboration with the rest of our society; it IS a social, public form of communication.
Not only are peoples ideology blinding them to the true nature of this issue, but they are essentially advocating government corruption and identity theft. If your vote can't be traced back to you, then you can't be traced to your vote. The votes on your ballots could be changed, and since that ballot can't be traced back to you, someone just successfully stole your identity to rig an election. Congratulation, you have succeeded in hiding your vote, now truly no one knows what your vote was.
Grow up and be proud of your political opinion. Put your big boy pants on and participate in meaningful, finite, social discourse.

Comment: Depends (Score 1) 878

by CobaltBlueDW (#40590507) Attached to: Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

We were told at a young age that grammar is quite important and grammar lessons were drilled into us, which is why we feel the urge to correct other's grammar when we see mistakes. However, grammar is a tool of language, which has the ultimate goal of conveying information. Thus, I'd say grammar is only important so far as it helps convey information. If you can under-stand what I'm saying hear, than grammar is nothing more then a miled annoyance.

Comment: Bone Marrow!? (Score 1) 169

by CobaltBlueDW (#40331055) Attached to: Vein Grown From Her Own Stem Cells Saves 10-Year-Old

Did I miss something? I was under the impression that there have been multiple experiments converting average cells into stem cells. Was there a conversation at some point like, "Well I suppose we could learn how to make a stem cell bath, OR we could just subject this girl to excruciating pain. To be fair, she's likely already be in a lot of pain, so it wouldn't be THAT much worse..."

Comment: Re:What storage is not solid state? (Score 1) 280

by CobaltBlueDW (#40122059) Attached to: % of my digital storage that is solid-state:

solid = "having three dimensions"; //retreived from
static = "pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition"; //retrieved from
if( solid == static ) solidState = "no moving parts";
assert( solidState == "no moving parts" );
Error! What?!

Comment: Re:"Goes through a trusted friend"? (Score 1) 308

by CobaltBlueDW (#39237845) Attached to: Anonymous, Decentralized and Uncensored File-Sharing Is Booming

Contributory infringement doesn't seem like it would fit in this situation, unless you knew your friends were going to use the software in an infringing manner. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you, as a friend, are simply a referrer. If you don't know your referral is being used illegitimately you wouldn't be abetting. It would be akin to 2 of your friends robbing a bank, and you getting charged with a crime because they met through facebook with you as a mutual friend.

Comment: Re:There are two kinds of gamers (Score 1) 313

by CobaltBlueDW (#39024831) Attached to: <em>Twisted Metal</em> Designer Rails Against Storytelling Games

I whole heartedly agree. Video game tastes differ just as music taste do. He may not want to be in the business of making interactive movie, just as he may not want to be in the business of making pop song, but that doesn't degrade their market value. --And yes, I think if interactive movies were songs they'd be the pop songs of the gaming world: over produced, over hyped, catchy, low replay value.

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