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Comment: Re:Warning Shot (Score 2, Informative) 148

by Cobalt Jacket (#46648845) Attached to: Russian GLONASS Down For 12 Hours
If you're suggesting that a single assassination was the reason for starting it, you may wish to go read some more about it. The major players had been itching for a fight for decades. It was essentially an attempt to resolve differences left from the Prussian wars of the 1860s-1870s, which set the stage for 120 years of a crapsack continent.

Comment: The Mulally analogy is broken (Score 1) 394

by Cobalt Jacket (#37240856) Attached to: Ex-Board Member Says HP Is Committing 'Corporate Suicide'
1. Mulally is a competent CEO. The jury is still out on Apotheker. 2. Mulally actually knows how to design and build planes. He led the project to build the Boeing 777, which is a high-margin product that kept cash coming in during Boeing's last decade, which has been rough for other reasons.

Comment: Interview of Bill Warren being owned (Score 4, Informative) 257

by Cobalt Jacket (#36463372) Attached to: Treasure Hunter Wants To Find Bin Laden's Body With ROV
Here is an interview with Bill Warren on The Roe & Roeper radio show on Chicago's WLS-AM station. If you want to skip past the B.S., just listen to to the last four minutes where a professional salvage operator completely shows him up.

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It should be noted that Scaled Composites has been a unit of Northrop Grumman for a couple of years now. With Burt Rutan retiring, it will become more under NGC control. However, NGC does not have a regular rocket launch unit as Boeing and Lockheed does, so there's no reason that NGC will not continue allowing Scaled Composites to prosper.
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Apple Issues Firmware Upgrade For MacBook Pro 52

Posted by timothy
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Lucas123 writes "After declining comment on an apparent downgrade to the serial ATA hard drive interface in its new MacBook Pros, from 3Gbps to 1.5Gbps, Apple today issued a firmware upgrade to fix a problem reported by 'a small number of customers' using drives based on the latest SATA specification. Apple warned that it has not shipped drives operating at the higher-speed specification, saying, 'While this update allows drives to use transfer rates greater than 1.5Gbit/sec, Apple has not qualified or offered these drives for Mac notebooks and their use is unsupported.'"

Apple Drops Part of iPhone Developer NDA 175

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ds writes "Apple, this morning, announced they are dropping the iPhone Developer NDA in respect to released software. Previously, iPhone developers were legally bound even after their software had been released." Another reader adds, "Early release software is still covered, but this should bring about increased developer interaction, as well as a slew of iPhone dev books." The complete message about the NDA change can be seen for now at Apple's iPhone Developer site, and is reproduced below.

+ - AMD Phenom Goes Triple Core!->

Submitted by babyshiori
babyshiori (1091815) writes "AMD has announced that they are going to go triple-core with their Phenom desktop processor. AMD promises that this new class of processor will be a "triple threat" to Intel's domination of the desktop market. But is the triple-core Phenom really that amazing? Some have argued that it is nothing more than typical AMD bluster — all wind and no substance. However, this triple-core processor may have more than meets the eye.

According to AMD, these new processors represent a "multi-core triple threat" to Intel's current hemogeny in the multi-core desktop segment. They claim that current quad-core desktop processors (the Intel quad-core Core 2 processors, in other words) only represent less than 2% of the market. Hence, AMD believes their triple-core Phenom processors will fill the market's need for more powerful processors without paying for more expensive quad-core processors.

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+ - GPS III to No Longer Have Selective Availability-> 2

Submitted by Cobalt Jacket
Cobalt Jacket (611660) writes "The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that Selective Availability (SA) would "no longer be present in the next generation of GPS satellites." (referring to GPS III) Existing satellites have had the feature disabled by President Clinton since 2000, but SA can be activated at any time. SA was one of the principle stated reasons for the European Union and European Space Agency's backing of the Galileo program. This will not affect the GPS IIF spacecraft which will be launched over the next few years, though it is unlikely that SA will ever be utilized on those satellites."
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