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Comment Re:Your official guide to the Jigaboo presidency (Score 0, Offtopic) 140

With the language the same in every single post, why doesn't slashdot just filter this out to the garbage before it gets posted.

Yes, because no-one would change a word or two in their post or do variations on the spelling. Yay, we get to have another lameness-filter style arms race, that'll improve the quality of the posts.

Maybe we should have a "-1 hate crime" mod, and the overlords can determine what to do with it. As it is, I only see myself or other mods pushing it down, thus wasting one of my mod points whereas I can be modding someone "+1 interesting" instead.

Maybe you should grow a skin and realize that you can't win this kind of pissing contest with griefers.

Seriously, just ignore it.

This very moment, some guy in his mom's basement has his pants down fwapping away to your outrage. You've provided motivation for gods know how many more cut'n'paste trolls, because you provided the kind of hysterical reaction they find so entertaining.

Good job, internet tough guy.

Comment Re:A Clockwork Orange (Score 2, Interesting) 721

I doubt it, they don't want to repel the "olds".

A local coffee shop has done this for years. They're a little too close to the high school for comfort, so they installed a speaker outside playing classical/light jazz.

The people who actually want to buy coffee don't mind the music, and now they don't have to elbow their way thru clumps of teenagers standing in front of the door.

I'm not so happy about using it in detention, but I'm sure if I was a high school teacher I'd flip out and strangled someone on the first week, so I probably shouldn't throw stones.


Recovering Data From Noise 206

An anonymous reader tips an account up at Wired of a hot new field of mathematics and applied algorithm research called "compressed sensing" that takes advantage of the mathematical concept of sparsity to recreate images or other datasets from noisy, incomplete inputs. "[The inventor of CS, Emmanuel] Candès can envision a long list of applications based on what he and his colleagues have accomplished. He sees, for example, a future in which the technique is used in more than MRI machines. Digital cameras, he explains, gather huge amounts of information and then compress the images. But compression, at least if CS is available, is a gigantic waste. If your camera is going to record a vast amount of data only to throw away 90 percent of it when you compress, why not just save battery power and memory and record 90 percent less data in the first place? ... The ability to gather meaningful data from tiny samples of information is also enticing to the military."

Comment Re:Can someone explain this to me (Score 2, Informative) 57

Comment Re:They have *already* crossed an ocean (Score 1) 368

They don't want to deny the West our freedoms, they want to pester and harass and annoy us so that we [get out of %country1%|stop supporting %country2%] or whatever.

The US didn't leave Vietnam because they ran out of young, able-bodied men to send over, they left because they decided it wasn't worth the hassle. More hassle == Yankee Go Home.

"Falling in love makes smoking pot all day look like the ultimate in restraint." -- Dave Sim, author of Cerebrus.