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Comment Learn workflows = awesome, although gems rare (Score 0) 135

Yeah, a lot of experienced coders will say this is not where coding really happens. Say that you want to see someone's work flow in Emacs or how to make a python/django (web framework) website for the first time. This bridges a lot of gaps in knowledge and experience. If I could have simply seen which editors people were using and how they switched between coding and testing and revising, it would have saved me many hours of trial and error. Now, of course, actual "coding" meaning the design and the implementation happen in your mind, but that doesn't mean this isn't a wonderful learning tool. Although, I do find it really funny that they stream the music people are listening to. Sure, maybe it boils down to watching other people google the same stuff I would, but I still think that in the field of coal you'll find a few diamonds in the rough. This might even be a good tool for psychologists because we can clearly see the ability to concentrate on a given task with the omnipresence of the web.

Comment letters i won't encrypt ;D (Score 0) 161

"Lobbying" ... it's just some dude saying stuff. Yeah, encryption makes it hard for people to read messages, that is the whole point. I agree it's kinda ridiculous but they're trying to say "hey, we can better help you if we can read all your data." First off: anybody using encryption with unwholesome motives is probably not going to heed to your "public appeal" >(Second %) [To my dated field-knowledge] Encryption has yet to find a way that is time-proof. With enough hints and enough computing power, all is possible, saideth the lord unto his peoples of siliconia. And there was much rejoycing, yei. (Although, elliptic curve cryptography [still] seems to be the best solution.) Dear European Law Enforcement: Communication is a part of freespeech. Just because tools have become a fundamental aspect of our lifestyles does not mean we want everything scrutinized for "safety" We would rather curb the likelihood that everything we do becomes the digital equivalent of "shouting from rooftop to rooftop" Basically, "any organization that has zero oversight or transparency becomes a risk" is your argument. Not at all Ironic? Encryption ain't going away, and people are going to turn it on. That's what happens in the digital age. All communication should be safe end-to-end. We should strive more on bringing the human element back to the digital era by being better people. All our actions ring out into the universe, so whatever you do, do it for the love of humanity.

Comment Re:Everyday, since I am learning kanji (Score 0) 160

I recommend Heisig's 'Remembering the Kanji' as a solid introduction into methodically breaking down the characters. By focusing on pieces-parts ("radicals") that are common between characters, you can create stories and mental pictures that help you recall what the character means. After that, learning the readings is significantly easier.

There is a website community that complements the philosophy of the book as well:

Remembering the Kanji:

[romaji] Gambare! Renshuu de nan de mo dekiru zo! [/romaji]

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