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Comment: Re:Um, 301 and 302 (Score 2) 72

by Cloud K (#46810877) Attached to: 404-No-More Project Seeks To Rid the Web of '404 Not Found' Pages

Yes indeed. I took control of a site in 2007 and haven't knowingly broken a link since. Various restructures just led to more redirect entries in .htaccess, and if you somehow have an old 2007 link it should take you to the relevant page on today's site. It just needs disciplined webmasters.

(I'm not the most creative of people and our marketing girls are not exactly the most constructive in dealing with other departments (such as making suggestions for improvement or even opening their mouths and telling me they don't like it in the first place), so they've decided to simply outsource it from under me. The new developers will no doubt break my lovely 7 year chain. But hey ho, that's life.)

Comment: Re:solution (Score 1) 303

by Cloud K (#46651171) Attached to: Ad Tracking: Is Anything Being Done?

I thought about this kind of thing recently - take something like Google Drive. You pay for the premium version and they give you more space, but you're still tied to their (lack-of-)privacy policy and they still spy on you.

If part of a premium service was "no ads *and no tracking or scanning your stuff or your habits in any way*" (preferably with some way to prove it) I think I'd be more inclined to pay for it.

If clicking on a site had options:
- View free (ad and data mining supported)
- View for 2p (100% private and ad-free)
I'd pay the 2p. Assuming there's some way to prove that they're not lying, which yeah, wouldn't be easy. It'd need some interesting open-source "thing" to make it happen.

Comment: Basically, no. (Score 4, Insightful) 361

by Cloud K (#45141129) Attached to: Is Choice a Problem For Android?

The reason I switched from iOS was because personally, I *want* control over my smartphone. I want the options and customisations, and the ability to decide what keyboard to use and where my music sits. My advice to those who can't handle a few options is "get an iPhone".

Though really, I can't see why both user groups can't be catered for - have sensible defaults and basic options, and put everything else inside an "Advanced settings" button somewhere - no one is forced to tap it.

Comment: Re:Really? Political correctness? (Score 1) 772

by Cloud K (#44514163) Attached to: Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?

Has it ever actually happened in canon?

Far as I know all the male timelords were always male and all the female timeladies were always female. He had a granddaughter, and he doesn't refer to her as "grandperson"

I get the impression that the possibility he cited that one time that "I could come back as a woman! Or with two heads!" was probably either a) a very unlikely mutation or b) the Doctor lying, like he always does.

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by Cloud K (#44514031) Attached to: Talking On the Phone While Driving Not So Dangerous After All

I think it's rather risky to post this without a question mark after the title - pretty sure I remember how "studies showed" that vegetables weren't good for you once.

I imagine it depends on the driver and whether they compensate by pausing the conversation when things need concentration etc. But I've seen people trying to drive a *shopping trolley* while talking on the phone and failing hard, so a car? Hm.

Comment: Re:Sexual Tension (Score 1) 242

by Cloud K (#44473245) Attached to: Peter Capaldi Unveiled As the New Star of <em>Doctor Who</em>

Not on TV. It's the sexual tension between 20-somethings that sells there. The Doc being older might at least reduce some of that. But then it's not really seen as pervy like in the 60s if he's lucky enough to get a 20-something drooling along after him, so I'm not sure it'd change much compared to the "let's make him a grandfather so he can have none of that hanky panky" thing they had with Hartnell.

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Personally I try to keep my casual online name(s) and real name separate. And Facebook private. I don't mind a prospective employer viewing my LinkedIn profile and seeing who I am professionally, but who I am in private is my business apart from the official responses given in the interview and LinkedIn etc.

I don't need my interviewer knowing that I spend a lot of free time on a my little pony fan site. I'm not that stupid.

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