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Comment Re:Unimportant. (Score 2) 74

Indeed, sometimes that's a good thing (like the stupid cookie law where the ICO backed off and effectively said "you know what, we find it hard work too. Do what you want.") sometimes bad.

I seem to recall Cameron is itching to remove us from the ECHR at the earliest possible opportunity anyway, the only thing standing in his way is the small issue of peace with Northern Ireland (Good Friday Agreement). Somewhat ironic as he's using terrorism as an excuse but I remember the 80s/90s and they seemed a lot better at blowing shit up in our cities than ISIS (or whatever they're called this week).

Comment Seems like time to consider the alternatives (Score 1) 146

Suggestions for alternative password managers that work on all the same platforms? So Linux would need to be included (meaning 1password is out), and iOS and Android as well.

I know there's keepass for the desktop, though I seem to recall the Linux client being a choice of either using some old file format or the Windows version on WINE, and don't know how it'd conveniently sync with a mobile.

Comment Re: Outed (Score 1) 229

Indeed, basically there are plenty of crazies on both sides.

What's bothering me is that in recent years (say the past 5 or so) the politics of the internet - at least what I've seen of them - have become extremely polarised. More and more people are diving to those nutjob extreme ends of things (e.g. 'right' and 'left' to simplify) and in a way kind of waging war on each other. This leaves the centre, where much of the civil discussion and negotiation would happen, feeling a bit empty. If you try to mediate and calmly present a point of one side to the other, it's very easy to get dismissed as 'one of them' (e.g. 'an SJW') and one of the extreme ones to boot.

This was particularly my experience in trying to get my head around gamergate in terms with trying to engage with any of it...
"Well maybe in some cases there could be natural flaws and biases in journ.." "SEXIST GAMERGATE FOURCHAN SCUM!"
"Well you know guys, to be fair maybe women could sometimes be better repre.." "SJW TUMBLRISTA FAGGOT!"
It was just impossible.

Comment Re: Outed (Score 1) 229

>the word has completely lost its meaning in the last few years

Seems so. The irony on UD there is that it talks about someone shouting at a feminist for saying they don't like the colour pink as it's too "prissy", yet most usage I've seen of SJW recently (e.g. from the gamergate crowd) has been synonymous with "militant feminist", which in a way seems like a contradiction.

Frankly it's all too confusing to me. SJW seems to have evolved to mean "person I disagree with", pretty much - it's a quick label to throw at someone to dismiss their argument. See also "right winger" and other such misused terms.

Instead of splitting into "SJW" and "anti SJW" factions and screeching at each other I'd much prefer to return to the days of Wheaton's Law (don't be a dick). This would mean actually listening to each others views though.

Comment Didn't we go through all this when browsers first (Score 1) 519

It will find a way to survive- maybe by being less obnoxious, but more likely by finding new workarounds, after a brief year or two of peace like that glorious time in the early days of popup blocking before they started using JavaScript based pop-over 'windows' instead.

I actually don't mind the tracking, or ads in general (it was not knowing about being tracked that annoyed me more). If I'm looking up something sensitive I'll use Private Browsing - the rest of the time I will get ads for things that actually do interest me, because they know e.g. I visit slashdot and enjoy geeky things. And perhaps by offering me more relevant ads, they will feel less inclined to overload me with intrusive ones to be "more effective".

Ads that pop over content, cause you to play "guess the real download link" or auto play though can die in a fire. So can most of Youtube's advertising.

Comment Re:Special treatment (Score 1) 834

What about it? There's no point in using every combination of examples or we'd be here all day.

For the record though, I also think it's wrong to start yelling "get out of r country, terrorist muslamic scum!!!" to anyone who happens to follow the Islamic faith. That is another example of being a dick to someone, a religious person in this example, when they've not provoked you. And a few extremists do not represent provocation from an entire religious group.

Comment Re:Special treatment (Score 3, Insightful) 834

This is the problem with "lists". I subscribe more to Wheaton's Law aka "Don't Be a Dick". Why not just not be a dick to anyone, including religious people?

As for my views on religion (as a non religious person), it may be a choice but if the individual doesn't force their beliefs on others then I see no reason to attack them without provocation.
Obviously it's different with the nutjob "God hates Fags" types who need to be told that they're being assholes and projecting their personal beliefs on other people (i.e. there's your provocation), but that's a vocal minority - most are just passively living by their personal rulebook and condemn the violent idiots like Westboro et al, and don't deserve a torrent of abuse for something they've not done.

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