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Comment Re:Can the new buyer be worse than DICE? (Score 1) 467 467

Probably more than the site is worth from an advertisers' point of view.

What do you get with the site? Basically, a lot of eyeballs. That's it. You can use it as an ad platform or as a platform to get your information out.

That in turn only is something you benefit from if you have something to offer that will not IMMEDIATELY be ripped apart by tech-savvy people, along with people who pretend to be tech-savvy but are essentially just here to run their mouth without any measurable knowledge in the subject. You have a crowd here that is rather toxic to anything even remotely "big business" or corporate. Anything that comes out of management or C-Level is by default regarded with suspicion or outright hostility, and any legal changes are at the very least met with the same sentiments.

You can't even do the FOX bit and drone on the same political agenda with the option to reinforce and resonate the agenda you wish to push, for this the audience is far too diverse, ranging in the political spectrum from the far right to the far left.

This all makes it a great place for a discussion and to get input from various opinions and stances, but it' horrible from a corporate point of view. Corporations want consent about their agenda. They don't want you to question it.

Comment Re:Jury Nullification (Score 4, Informative) 468 468

and in most of the US, its borderline illegal to even MENTION JN in court. judges will kick you out, lock you up, threaten you, try to scare you. voire dire does all it can to try to reject jurors that even KNOW what JN is. and if you tell them during VD that you don't know what JN is and then later, they find out you do, you are in contempt.

its all neatly stacked up so that your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are not vocalized or listed or communicated to you.

"nice liberty you got there; would be a shame if something were to happen to it"

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 140 140

Have you looked at any of the BLU phones? I picked up one (the Studio Mini LTE) after a customer was raving about his and I have to say I'm VERY happy it it. Its a quad core with a GB of RAM, 4GB storage with a MicroSD slot, gets great battery life, easy to root, just a real sweetheart of a phone.

The nice thing is they have a ton to choose from so you can just pick the features and price point you want. Want Windows instead of Android? They got that. More storage? Octacore? yep. Hell they even have a $60 entry smartphone and a $20 dumbphone for those that don't want a lot of bells and whistles. The only downside is since they are a relatively new company there isn't any mods that I have been able to find yet, but considering its low price and easy of rooting I have no doubt they'll be coming. All in all I'm quite happy with my BLU...You're my boy BLU!

Comment Re:Most people won't care (Score 1) 102 102

They won't care because of one simple fact, a little rule I pointed out years ago which has always proven to be true, lets call it "The Hairyfeet Rule of Open".

The Hairyfeet Rule of Open....If the only selling point you have is that you are "open" by some arbitrary definition of the word? Then YOU WILL FAIL because being open in and of itself is simply not a big enough selling point for the vast majority to care about.

We have seen this rule played out dozens of times, from "open" phones to "open" tablets, from "open" GPUs to "open" CPUs, if your ONLY selling point, the only thing you have going for you is "open"? Its over, hit the lights on your way out. Mark my words they will run out of funding and close down within a couple years because they will not be able to generate enough interest to keep going because you have to have something, anything, other than just "open". Be it faster, easier to use, more power saving, its gotta have something other than just open or its screwed.

Comment The argument is "leaky" at best too (Score 4, Informative) 190 190

Pathogens don't "learn". They evolve, ok. They adapt, ok. But they aren't sentient. They are not thinking. And especially they aren't thinking "hey, if they vaccinate, they won't die anyway, at least not as fast, so let's get more deadly!" This isn't the fucking Pandemic flash game for crying out loud!

There is no interest of killing a host for a parasite. It's an side effect. Unintended, and actually harmful for the parasite in the long run. Just like poisoning the seas is harmful for us. We ain't some comic book villain who does it for ... well, for being evil. We do it 'cause it cuts costs. The oil spill is only the side effect, not the reason we do it.

So yes, they COULD get more deadly because we don't die as fast and a more deadly mutated strain would kill itself off with the host if there was no vaccination. But that is hardly an argument against vaccination. It only means that at worst we're with vaccination where we are now without. AT WORST. If, and only if, the pathogens mutate in such a way that they get more deadly. Which is neither in their interest nor anything they would (evolutionary) strive for.

What's the benefit for a pathogen to be more deadly? Killing the host is actually bad for it, since that ends spreading (with this host at least).

Comment Re:Something IS Wrong (Score 1) 362 362

I can dissolve that conspiracy theory: They are more afraid of someone finding a way to bypass their input sanitizers than losing money from hacks. So no characters are allowed that could possibly, remotely, be considered "active" or "command" characters in any language they could probably think of.

Also, most, if not all, of the hacks happen due to people getting their passwords stolen by trojans and the like rather than someone actually guessing the passwords.

Comment Re:Salted your passwords (Score 2) 362 362

Provided that we now know how your passwords are created, finding your password is essentially not harder or easier than before. From a technical point of view of course. Actually, it probably is much easier now considering that, since you probably rely on your creation algorithm to introduce enough entropy, you probably choose simpler passwords.

Comment That's your problem? (Score 1) 362 362

Given that most of these webpages are also the ones where you have to answer some "secret" question to recover your password, it's kinda moot to select a secure password.

What is it you say? "Instead of giving a real answer to the "secret" question, simply use another randomly generated string?"

That's a good idea. Until the admin of the page locks your account because "you obviously are a robot, because humans don't do this".

The problem runs far, far deeper, people...

Comment Re:The important details: Slower and over 540$ (Score 1) 75 75

Sorry friend but you've been bamboozled as it would take SEVENTEEN YEARS to save enough power to make up the price difference between an AMD and an Intel and that is with picking the 125w on the AMD side. Now are you seriously gonna argue you are keeping your chip for nearly 20 years?

I can back this up using kill-a-watt and the excellent board monitoring in my Asus my FX8320 (a "95w" part which I have yet to see go above 60w) uses between 8w-16w on basic tasks like youtube and surfing and right now I'm slamming 3 cores to 100% converting a video to MP4, power usage Johnny? that would be...drumroll...37.19w. So .....yeah, kinda bullshit about the power draw. Its really simple, Intel bases their numbers on "theoretical load" which of course in practice you will never hit, while AMD runs a load of different software on their chips to come up with a worst case scenario draw and bases their numbers on that. They also give higher numbers on their black chips figuring you might OC the shit out of it to allow plenty of headroom but I have yet to see an AMD get even close to the TDP and I've run everything from 939 Athlon to the latest FX and AM1 in the shop. Highest I have ever seen was 68w for an OCed Phenom II X6 with all 6 cores slamming.

Remember to always look at the site you are getting your "news" from without adblock at least once to see where their bread is buttered, are they taking ad revenue from a certain company? This is why you can't believe a damned thing Tom's Hardware says for instance, as even when their own reviewer admitted that "for most games being released today quad cores are a minimum" they recommended an Intel dual core over a cheaper AMD hexacore and then you turn off adblock and wadda ya know, the page is filled with ads for Intel i5s. Hmmm, biased much?

Comment Re:The important details: Slower and over 540$ (Score 2) 75 75

A better choice for an HTPC would be the AMD Athlon 5350. Its only $49, has a max TDP of only 25w, and it has enough GPU power to run Battlefield 4 so it has more than enough GPU to perform any task you'd want an HTPC to do. The AMD drivers come with a set of codecs so pretty much any video will be hardware accelerated, great for HTPCs which is why I've been using these a LOT in the shop. Cheap, low heat, great graphics, whats not to like?

Linux support for the AMD APUs has been getting pretty damned good lately (thanks to AMD opening their docs and hiring devs) so the Linux guys can pair that chip with a copy of OpenELEC and make themselves an insanely cheap HTPC, we're talking sub $150 if you hit the sales. Personally I like to use Windows 8 on 'em, as IMNSHO the only place the Metro UI works really well is as a 10 foot UI, just pair it with this remote keyboard and voila! Badass HTPC that can even do light gaming for crazy cheap.

As for TFA? Costs $540 and is less powerful than cheaper previous releases.....sounds like a pass. Of course the elephant in the room for both AMD and Intel is their chips became too powerful years ago and with the exception of a teeny tiny niche that uses every cycle on their PC the chips are just too powerful compared with the work the average user has for 'em to do. To use a /. car analogy its like selling everybody funny cars just to go to the store, then being surprised they aren't all lining up to buy the new funny cars with JATO boosters.

Hell even the gamers don't have to buy like they once did, I used to have to buy every other year, now? The PC I replaced was over 6 years old and was still playing games just fine, only reason I replaced it was the oldest needed a PC so I figured I'd use it as an excuse to pass down my Phenom II X6 and grab myself an FX8320E...fricking kicks ass BTW, paired with an R9 280 it plays everything I want in glorious 1080P....but so does my X6, since the oldest has the exact same GPU and his games are just as smooth and look just as good as mine does!

You look at what the AVERAGE, not hardcore gamer, does with their PC? They play casual games like FB games, watch videos, check email....shit that a Pentium dual laptop from 2008 has NO problems doing. Hell even the Intel shrinks for power savings really aren't that big a draw for most because at the shop I've found the average user is away from the plug for a max of 3 hours, a feat my 2011 AMD netbook has zero problems pulling off with a 4 year old battery!

This is why I have no problems staying an AMD shop despite AMD staying at 28nm, because even at 28nm they are still vastly overpowered compared to what the average user does (especially when you look at non rigged benchmarks) because once we went multicore chips went from "good enough" to so insanely powerful it isn't even funny.

Hell if I could still get the boards cheap I would probably have no problem selling Phenom I quads, just as I have no problem selling those cheap Athlon quads now for everything from office boxes to HTPCs, they are just more powerful than anything the average person does by a pretty large measure.

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 1) 246 246

I do have a lot of respect for the women (and men, let's not forget them) who provide a valuable service by selling professional aid in the area of satisfying one of the most powerful human urges.

But these people I'd certainly call prostitutes. Or maybe, if I have to skirt the issue, a "working girl/guy".

I would never dream of calling someone who actually has a decent job and provides a valuable service a hoe or a whore!

"It's the best thing since professional golfers on 'ludes." -- Rick Obidiah