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Comment: Re:Requirements ? (Score -1, Troll) 64

by ColdWetDog (#47904863) Attached to: Chrome For Mac Drops 32-bit Build

Oh, you aren't trapped. You simply have failed to recognize this as a sign from St. Jobs that your tithing is becoming a bit stingy for a fine, upstanding member of the Cult of Apple.

Free yourself from your shackles! Bask in the Glorious Light of a Retina Display (on certain models), of towers that can be confused with an ashtray, of connectors used by no one else on the planet. Of operating systems with the lifespan of a midge fly.

Or, you can be doomed forever in the Pit of Financial Sobriety.

The choice is yours. Upgrade or die.

Comment: Re:Another liberal activist judge (Score 1) 171

So the end justifies the means?

I guess then we may assume you'd be in favor of weekly raids of your house (and everyone else's)? That should pretty much ensure we can eliminate any and all drug cooking and growing happening nationwide.

The end justifies the means, after all.

Comment: Re:Problem? (Score 1) 171

So I guess the whole security theater that sprung up after 9/11 is ok? If it only saved the life and virtue of even one....

Child porn, terrorism, or in earlier days communism. I can only hope that one day we'll have some Welch again asking "At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Comment: Re:Problem? (Score 1) 171

Consider this - suppose the investigator was looking for a fleeing prisoner and used binoculars to search as he traveled through the city. While engaged in that search he saw a robbery in progress through the binoculars and called the city police to make the arrest. Would he have violated the law by making that search? Should there be a legal difference between searches by photon versus those by electron?

Nope, bad analogy. Try a car chase or something....

The binocular search is in the public view. The computer search goes into private territory. The better analogy in your case would be if the investigator had to enter someone's house (without a warrant) to view a potential crime. Can't do that.

Comment: Re:When the cat's absent, the mice rejoice (Score 4, Insightful) 171

Disagreeing with one crime is no excuse for agreeing with another.

Yes, I do expect law enforcement to act within the law. For the very simple reason that if there's some way to rubber stamp a way around it with "serves to protect against child porn/terrorism/organized crime/money laundering/choose the horrible crime of the month", whenever it is convenient, any kind of check that serves to protect you from your law enforcement invading your privacy can as well be abolished. A law that only exists as long as the one limited by its existence allows it to be, if it can be ignored at will by the entity subject to it, is void by definition.

Comment: Re:What a load of bull (Score 1) 108

by ColdWetDog (#47902763) Attached to: If We Can't Kill Cancer, Can We Control It?

Seriously, a load of bull. "If we can't kill Cancer". You'd like that, wouldn't you? No, the Medical industry and corporations would like that disinfo so they can keep selling placebo medicine and useless overpriced medicine to people, as well as all the devices and aperture. If we get a cure for Cancer, the corporations and medical industry stand to lose billions and trillions in the long term.

We've had the means and we know the means, to kill Cancer, for years. We've had the means to make a special bacteria, or use a special solution, that identifies a specific type of cell in the human body, any specific type.
If you have the means to identify it and designate it, then you have the means to eliminate it. Nano-technology helps there, if not specially designed bacteria.

I know! Let's improve this discussion by talking about vaccines.

Comment: Re:Helium? (Score 1) 294

by hairyfeet (#47900575) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

If you trust SMART I have a bridge you may be interested in as I have dealt with drives at the shop where you could literally hear the head slamming that SMART said was just hunky dory. You also can't trust any kind of "old age" metric because that ignores the simple fact that some companies build better products, it would be like judging the reliability of all cars based on what the bottom of the line Kia is like in 5 years. Hell when it comes to reliable I will take a used or refurb Samsung over a brand new Seagate consumer line drive as I've found everything above 500GB on the consumer line is buggy firmware and flimsy as hell, I swear you can look at a Seagate 1.5Tb funny and it'll commit suicide.

At the end of the day surely to God it can't be THAT hard to put in a simple helium gauge so you would know its going down and by how much, in fact the only reason I could see not putting one in is to fuck folks over on the warranty.

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