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Comment: Re:Good news everyone! (Score 1) 390

by Clock Nova (#43526347) Attached to: Futurama Cancelled (Again)

Completely agree with you on that episode. "The Late Philip J. Fry" is perhaps one of the best episodes of the entire series. In fact, I think it holds up pretty dang well just as pure science fiction. Take out the comedic elements and it would make a short story to make Ellison proud. Or something like that. I really enjoyed it, is what I'm saying.

Comment: Re:Universal service. (Score 1) 601

by Clock Nova (#41137489) Attached to: Would You Pay an Internet Broadband Tax?

Didn't know I wasn't logged in. Though I'd post this again as me.

You, sir, are absolutely correct in your assessment of us. And I, for one, wish to apologize for the behaviors you describe. Please be aware, however, that the people you describe only account for roughly half of our population. Unfortunately, the nature of our political system means the rest of us are almost completely powerless to move the country forward with all that dead weight dragging us back. Maybe in another generation or two. Sigh.

Comment: Re:It seems good (Score 1) 591

by Clock Nova (#37084420) Attached to: Reaction To <em>Diablo 3's</em> Always-Online Requirement

I don't really understand how this game is even played multiplayer. I played all the way through D1 and D2 many, many times, and never felt the need to go on-line with them. The story is based on a single hero, and is long enough to require the player to stop and save the game periodically. How can that be adapted to a multiplayer setting? How is that even fun. Diablo is a single-player game at its core; adding more players seems a bit tacked on to me.

Comment: Re:How about heating and airconditioning? (Score 1) 324

by Clock Nova (#36583032) Attached to: DVRs, Cable Boxes Top List of Home Energy Hogs

Do STBs really use more energy than things which push heat around?

It didn't say that set top boxes draw more than a new refrigerator, it said that some home theatre "configurations" draw more power than a refrigerator, ie. STB, media PC, HD TV, surround sound system, game console (or 3), etc.

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