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Comment Re:All emails are available (Score 1) 255 255

Its not Irrelevant as it is the email from when he was governor, none of the email is from when he was not in Public Office in the State of Florida. Further more he is publishing using the Florida Sunshine State law, that was on the book when he was Governor.

Comment Did not have access? (Score 3, Informative) 178 178

While normally I would look at this, it seems that I had early access from the Windows 8.1 Preview that was loaded on my RT device for 2 months before I did a refresh back to Win8RT OS. The device got constant updates to keep it within striking distance of RTM. I am thinking that it was not the lack of "Windows 8.1 RTM" for a RT device that casued the issue.

Comment Re:Commercial Convenience (Score 1) 850 850

Since I cannot run Flash Content on my iPhone now. This is not about Flash Contect. This would be a better framing of the issue. I am going to write a message on a piece of paper. Message is going to be sent to someone inside of Apple INC. Since the Message is going to Apple INC, you are going to need to write the message with an Apple INC Pencil, since they make pencils.

Comment Re:Correct me if I'm wrong.. (Score 2, Interesting) 114 114

Actually, it looks like it was the Atheros chipset he hit. So any card that uses this chipset is at risk. MacBooks use Atheros wireless chipset. So the same exploit that works on the third party card (presumably using the Atheros chipset) works on the Macbook (using the Atheros Chipset).

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