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Comment Re:Katrina DID NOT HIT New Orleans (Score 1) 113

An informative (but mysteriously down-modded) post above contains a link to an NOAA graphic that shows hurricane-level winds from Katrina most definitely did hit eastern Louisiana (including New Orleans) as well as the coastal areas of Mississippi and Alabama.

If you're upset about Mississippi being ignored in this discussion, then I can understand your beef. But don't make up this fiction that Katrina did not hit New Orleans.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 423

Actually, negative reinforcement works best when it is administered promptly after the undesired action, every time it occurs, be it physical punishment or mental punishment.

Negative reinforcement is not the same as negative punishment. The former refers to removing something unpleasant from the trainee's environment, so it's a reward. The latter refers to removing something pleasant from that environment. In either case, the negative aspect refers to the removal of something.

Comment Re:Sunlight has a large electromgnetic field (Score 1) 423

True, but wavelength matters. EM radiation at ultraviolet and shorter wavelengths is known as ionizing radiation because it can ionize individual atoms in materials or tissues. Radiation at longer wavelengths (microwave, radio, etc.) does not cause ionization but can convey energy to materials due to effect of the electric field on molecules with a nonzero electric dipole moment (such as water.)

Exposure at almost any wavelength can be harmful if the flux is high enough, but there is no hard evidence that exposure to radio wavelengths at the levels of consumer products has any significant effect.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 3, Insightful) 423

There are plenty of ways to discipline a child without hitting them. For example, negative punishment: take something away from the child that s/he likes, such as a toy, television, internet, etc.

Also keep in mind that punishment does not train behavior, it merely stops it. Training behavior is best accomplished with rewards.

Comment Re:If you don't like it, don't watch it. (Score 0) 194

that works well for other things, too. if you don't like guns: don't buy one. if you don't like global warming: don't contribute to it. and let everyone else alone.

If you don't like polluted water, don't drink it.
If you don't like pedophiles, don't have kids who can be their victims.
If you don't like rape, don't have sex.
If you don't like murder, don't kill people.

Hmm ... No, I don't think it works for other things too.

Comment Re:Much rejoicing (Score 1) 166

I missed the bulletin were you were appointed laughter arbiter.

I missed the one that said I can't object to someone making fun of a disabled person's symptoms.

"License" is a figure of speech. The point is that it's not cool to make light of a disabled person's condition, even if the disabled person does it him or herself. Yes, there may be some occasions where banter happens and the person in question is okay with it. But making sport of the fact that Stephen Hawking's ALS-challenged resting face looks morose is just crass and out-of-bounds.

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