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Comment: Re:Why is everything else allowed on the network? (Score 1) 80

by Cley Faye (#46731549) Attached to: Wi-Fi Problems Dog Apple-Samsung Trial
Contrary to popular belief, the wireless media is not unlimited. If every other device mess with wifi frequencies (or close enough to them), it will cause issue. It's the same thing that happen in dense apartment buildings where everyone get his own wireless access point (everyone get crappy wifi).

Comment: Re:question (Score 3, Insightful) 130

by Cley Faye (#46454201) Attached to: Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer

My guess it that they were doing a "two birds with one stone" strategy - using this project as an excuse (and test-case) for the translation layer, hoping that some devs would take this opportunity to port their DX9 games to Linux because of it, thereby improving the value of SteamOS.

Another option is that they didn't write DOTA2 from scratch, but reused an existing engine. Which in turn was based on some previous works, and at some point Direct3D was used, and remained there the whole time.

Comment: Re:It's three letters (Score 1) 96

by Cley Faye (#46220673) Attached to: A Dedicated Shell For Git Commands
Well, some shell does. They have had the ability to extend auto-completion for some time. Not to say that it's not needed (I'm part of the peoples that use only 3-4 git commands) but writting scripts that handle git auto completion in existing shell might be more useful in the wide than a git-centric new shell.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 243

When you're talking about duplicate content, you can't limit yourself to "just hashes".
In this case, with pictures, just opening one and saving it again might produce a different hash, just by recompression or changing the file format. How does all these "just check the hashes" solution works for that?
Finding duplicates image is not that easy.

Comment: Re:That's cute (Score 1) 731

by Cley Faye (#45993447) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?
And even if it become really hard, you have to be pretty confident about the appeal of your website.
I can understand why they want their ads to go through, but if some webmaster take aggressive action to force the hand of the user, there's a little side effect called "not going to this site anymore" that might hurt them somehow.

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