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Comment Re: A machine... (Score 1) 506

If I draw a picture of your momma impaled on a post that goes up her ass and out her mouth while the flies buzz around her rotting pussy, would that be OK? Would that be a just a drawing? Would there be nothing wrong with that? How about I draw that up and hang it in a big downtown gallery in New York?

It would be infuriating, it would not feel nice, some people might even get angry for that.
It doesn't change the fact that it's a drawing, that no harm was done, and if you got the clearance to hang that in a gallery, it will probably be recognized as art anyway.
Here's the thing: you can feel however you want about anything, the fact that you dislike it or whatever is your personal take on it, and not always the only way to see things.
I don't have to like something to understand that some people do. As long as there's no harm done to anyone, who cares. As far as I can tell, drawing, reading, watching anime porn doesn't hurt anyone (except maybe the author but I doubt you'd care about them). If you really think a guy (or girl) drawing something in a cramped room is at the same level as kidnapping and abusing someone, then yes, there's a problem somewhere, but I wouldn't say it's on the artist.

Comment The problem isn't the keyboard layout (Score 1) 315

One more time, our government (this time the ministry of Culture) say some stupid things without even thinking. I bet one of them sat in front of his computer, tried to type 'À', failed, then decided "I need someone to do this for me".
I also bet this person use Windows, and never asked anyone or searched the web on how to type this kind of characters.
Now, typing special characters (diacritics, elision, this kind of stuff) needs a keyboard combination. On Linux system, you can define a Compose key. On OSX as far as I know, there's something similar to do so. Guess who isn't playing nice with special characters here? Yup. The big champ of OS.
So, either they make a keyboard with a ton of "special character keys" only to allow windows user to type capital diacritics, while removing all the other non special characters, because a 150-key keyboard is not happening, or they man up a bit and ask for all OS providers to give an easy, accessible way to type diacritics. And most of them, having the mean to do so already, will certainly comply.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 2, Insightful) 785

I think you missed the simple fact that everything was working fine before, without cramming everything in the init process. Power management, in this case, existed before systemd came, and everyone was using that just fine.
The system was flexible, allowed for easy replacement and customization at every step. Only downside? Beyond basic use, you had to touch the config by hand. Now this option simply doesn't exist anymore, and a lot of people believe that whatever systemd does now, it's the only way and that without them nothing would work.

Comment Re:When to stop? (Score 1) 360

I do that on desktop computers; they don't handle "closing the lid" too well.
But on one laptop suspend did cause troubles (a business laptop), I spent some time looking through the log what module caused the issue and added a pre suspend script that rmmod it before suspend; so far it worked well.
I suppose I was lucky in this regard, but I was ready to look a bit into ACPI tables in case something really bad wasn't already handled by the kernel. Didn't have to though.

Comment Re:When to stop? (Score 4, Insightful) 360

Kinda what I, and others, did. I'm still in Windows 7 because "it was there", but I already struggle to keep it "user experience enhancement" free from Windows Update. When someone asks me for help on a W10 system, I give it a quick glance, and if it can't be fixed in two mouseclicks (most of the time it can... some people just don't get computers) I just say "I don't know anything about W10."
I slowly started to install some Ubuntu (for ease of use) on my parents' computers, and that fits most of the requirements they have: internet, flash games, video, music.
Only "niches" left for Windows are some games and stubborn business. But as time pass, the game requirement become less and less relevant, and the business thing usually work in either a VM or a pro computer dedicated to this.

Comment How can these people not know how to handle PR? (Score 1) 223

If people are taking active measures to hide your ads (going as far as paying for an adblocker!), then maybe you should review how your website handle this.
Litigating in this case can only do harm; best case scenario they win, and (app store) adblockers get removed. Who's gonna say "hey, I wanted an adblocker, but this company sued them out of existence, so I'll keep using their services"? In the end, will they sue people for not going to their site anymore after pissing them off?

Comment There is a group policy that may be useful (Score 1) 374

Last night I was disabling the reboot-after-update thing in windows group policy editor, and I noticed an item that can be enabled saying roughly "Turn off the upgrade to the most recent version of windows through windows update".
I don't remember seeing this one discussed much around the tubes, but now it might come in handy (if it does what it says).

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