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Comment Re:Investigating if laws were broken (Score 3, Interesting) 312

In that case, I'm pretty sure regulatory organizations *know* the law. There is no ignorance there. But they still can't decide if a law was broken.
In that situation, how can an individual know with certainty if he break the law or not?

Comment Maybe they should try to respect their customer (Score 1) 35

If nvidia hopes to sell me anything, they better start by not voluntarily crippling their own software the moment it detect some competitor hardware.
If I want to put both an AMD and an NVidia graphic card in my computer, I should be able to use the NVidia card to its full extent. Instead, they disable some of their proprietary technology in this situation (namely PhysX), with the official answer being "you can't have both running at the same time" and then never answering back.
Guess what? Yes I can have PhysX running on the NVidia GPU while plugging my display on the AMD one. A small unofficial patch makes this work perfectly fine. And even if that wasn't perfectly fine, a disclaimer saying that this configuration is not supported would do no harm.
With this in mind, I'm not going to trust anything they say or buy anything they were seriously involved with. They want people like me to buy their hardware? They should stop screwing their current customers first.

Comment Why not make a legacy NPAPI support plugin? (Score 1) 208

Okay, I'm saying this with almost no knowledge of the fundamental differences between npapi and pepper, but wouldn't it be possible to write a pepper plugin that implement npapi, and can load "legacy" plugins?
Sure, it might be some work, but I have the feeling that a handful of people would be hapy to help maintain this. Of course, the best solution would be to move on and adopt a new standard, but that won't happen as long as there is a possibility to use another browser/use an old version of the browser... That's why there were some IE6 live for so long :(

Comment Re:Cutting edge journalism (Score 1) 179

Wait... Google provides your cellphone directly? How did you get on their corporate plan?

Seeing that google sells phones on Google Play, don't give a crap about what carrier you have, and these phones works, I'd say your sarcasm is seriously misplaced.

Or are you talking about those Nexuses that are provided by a different carrier, and as such that carrier retains the right to do whatever they want to the OSS Android underneath?

If you believe that there only exist phones with carrier-specific/altered OS, you're the perfect client for them. All the crap they keep doing to phones (locking them on specific networks, adding crapware, removing legitimate options/tools) is totally irrelevant regarding the ability to use a mobile phone...

You know... because Google can't just go on to the Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T/Sprint network and update everyone's phone. The provider provides the specific Android build.

Let's look at the Nexus5. Google produce a firmware, google put said firmware on their servers, the phone connect to these servers, and get the update. At what point exactly is the carrier doing anything, beside *maybe* providing the data connection (supposing you're not on wifi when the phone checks his updates)?
Same thing for phones from other manufacturer; Samsung handle updates of their devices, LG does the same, etc.
Carrier are only concerned when they sell severly modified version of the OS, where they take pride to redirect the update lookup to their servers, and only provide updates really late (if at all).

And that's why they can't update all the devices at once. Because everyone and their mother can develop their own kernel, and their own Android for their platform.

Now, if everyone just ran AOSP, then Google would be fine to update everyone at the same time.

Quite the contrary. Google provides OTA updates progressively, probably to limit the impact of large unknown bugs. A friend got a notification way before me about his Nexus 5 getting an update. Still, if you want to update before you get the notification, you're free to do it with the exact same image provided online. The latency here is voluntary, and don't have much to do with carrier.
And about AOSP; even if everyone where using it, Google couldn't do squat about updating every devices at once *especially* because the kernel is the only thing that have to be device specific. Sure, the fact that some manufacturer likes to add their own UI and crap is also an issue, but you can't just put AOSP on any phone, you have to have a working kernel for it.

Comment Message to the UK (Score 1) 187

Dear UK politicians,
Please stop screwing our internet. If you don't like it, just make your own, it's easy and the infrastructure exist.
Thanks, the real world.
In all seriousness, if they want to create a "curated" internet, sanctioned by the state, they can. No need to bother the sane people around with their craziness.

"Sometimes insanity is the only alternative" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.