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Comment: Re:It is ludicrous (Score 2) 161

by ClaraBow (#48679407) Attached to: Boston Elementary, Middle Schools To Get a Longer Day
You are spot on! Many teachers are burnt out. The No Child Left Behind regulations have created an educational system that only care about scoring well on high-stakes, standardized tests. Curricula across the country has become more and more homogeneous and creativity has been sucked out of our public educational system. Teachers and schools are being held accountable based on these high-stakes tests. Schools now focus on teaching to the test and get passing scores so they can get regulators "off their backs." What's happening to our educational system is very sad -- it has become highly politicized and polarized. It isn't fun anymore for teacher and students. They are both victims of a system gone amuck!

Comment: It is ludicrous (Score 3, Insightful) 161

by ClaraBow (#48679327) Attached to: Boston Elementary, Middle Schools To Get a Longer Day
It is ludicrous to make the assertion that adding 40 minutes of time to the school day will magically add a month more of learning. The mentally that more time in school equals more learning is very flawed. We have setup our school like little prisons with strict rules and rigid schedules. Real learning doesn't take place while students are sitting at their desk listening to a teacher droning on an on. Real learning takes place when kids are actively engaged. They should invest their money on creating an alternative, project based educational program.

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