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Comment Re:Technology to deliver personalized lessons (Score 3, Interesting) 162

I just looked at their job postings and it seems that a teacher will only have between 16-24 students in a given school year. So, this would be very manageable for a teacher. This is a great model, but it will only educate a few. This is not novel in anyway. There are plenty of small, learner-centered schools, but they are expensive. As some pointed out, this has been done since the 1960s. There is no away to economically educate the masses with this educational model.

Comment Re:Some precedent in the claimed wrongdoing (Score 0) 53

It isn't a cut-and-dry case because there are other ways for providers to distribute their streaming music products without paying Apple. For example " > Spotify is encouraging users to bypass the Apple store and sign up directly through their website. Amazon does this too.

Comment Re:I seriously would like to know (Score 1) 47

We learned a lot about how to and how not to deal with reusable spacecraft from the shuttle program and we've done nothing useful with that knowledge.

Exactly! It feels like we are starting from scratch. I know NASA is sharing knowledge with SpaceX, but a lot knowledge is also being lost for stupid-ass political reasons. It's sad that we can't even get a rocket to reliably deliver cargo to the International Space Station -- It's upsetting and depressing!

Comment I seriously would like to know (Score 3, Interesting) 47

why NASA is relying on private companies to build the next-generation spacecraft. NASA had a dependable spacecraft. Couldn't they have improved the Space Shuttle? There has to be more going here than just money. Seriously, we can afford a war anytime we feel like fighting one, but when it comes to science and space exploration, we suddenly don't have money.

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