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Journal: Italian Police Trace Mafia Suspect Via Facebook Contacts

Journal by Clandestine_Blaze

Facebook traps Italian fugitive mafia suspect.

After reading this story, I couldn't tell if this was part of the Mafia Wars game storyline or not. From the article:

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, he was arrested as he tried to escape from the roof of the apartment complex near the southern city of Crotone.

Believed to lead the 'Ndrangheta in the southern town, Pasquale Manfredi is also accused of possessing illegal armaments, including heavy weapons.

Police say the man - one of the country's 100 most-wanted suspects - was responsible for the 2004 murder of a member of a rival clan, who was killed with a portable rocket launcher.

Portable rocket launcher? I'm not joking, I wonder if this guy had Mafia Wars linked to his facebook account and thought "wow, these guys are amateurs!"

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