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Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 1) 1148

If a wizard suddenly made it impossible for guns to exist in America; they could not pass across any border, the ones inside the country simply turned into nothingness, do you think the rates of assault and murder would instantly go down?

Yes, I do think that getting rid of the easiest at-a-distance point-and-click method of murder would result in lower murder rates.

Call me crazy...

Or do you think someone can commit mass murder on this scale with knives and baseball bats?

(You're forgetting that this hypothetical world contains one or more people capable of wielding reality-bending magic.)

The NMA (National Magic Association) was right all along; the banning of magic for self defense was just the beginning. People resorted to using guns and murder is still an issue. And now people like you want to ban guns, too? When will this madness end?!

The only thing that can stop a bad guy who memorized Fireball is a good guy who memorized Fireball.

Comment Re:But "Hiding the Decline" is okay (Score 1, Informative) 737

Remember "Hide the Decline"? That's when bona fide "scientists" came across an inconvenient truth.

Actually... Clearing up misconceptions regarding 'hide the decline'. I've linked to the "Basic" explanation, but there Intermediate and Advanced explanations that go into more detail.

Comment Re:Climate Change Deniers aren't stupid... (Score 1) 737

Climate change deniers are scientists too.

It'd be more accurate to say that there are climate change deniers who are scientists. But then that's still not a very convincing argument, since "scientist" covers quite a lot of topics, many of which aren't directly related to climate.

Comment Re:Awaiting Instructions From The Mother Ship (Score 1) 492

I sense a great disturbance in the Force, as though millions of independent-minded correct-thinking Slashdotters crying out in confusion about what opinion they're supposed to have about Donald Trump...

It's not difficult to argue that, even if you agree that something needs to be done, Trump's support for action doesn't make up for his deficiencies in... every other regard. I'm not going to hire someone to get rid of cockroaches in my building if it sounds like he's going to burn down the building in the process.

Comment Re:Death of Reddit, film at 11. (Score 2) 474

I just looked back at for the first time in a couple years from when it flamed out heroically on it's 2.0 launch. It's not horrible now, there doesn't appear to be too much drama on their front page. Looks like Just a abc/cbs style repost of yesterdays "hot web news"

I'm being nitpicky, but it was actually their v4 release that drove everyone away. It was sold two years later for a mere $500k.

Comment Re:MSE Support (Score 1) 156

What OS are you using? I'm using it on Windows.

Windows 7 64-bit.

You enabled MSE via the about:config page, yes?

Yepper. The only thing that wasn't enabled by default was WebM, which I did enable.

I wondered if maybe AdBlock Plus and/or Ghostery were causing a problem so I disabled both of them (through the Add-on Manager), but Firefox still wouldn't play anything else...

Comment Re:MSE Support (Score 1) 156

I enabled MSE in Firefox in the previous version, and the HTML5 YT videos seemed to work fine except 1080/60p videos, which stuttered a lot. As of v37, that seems to have also been fixed. YMMV, but it's A-OK for me.

Doesn't seem to work for me. Sort of.

The "introductory" video on Achievement Hunter's Let's Play YouTube channel plays using the the HTML5 player, but nothing else seems to work.

Comment Re:This is interesting.... (Score 1) 573

Like I said in a previous post, infra-red imaging of the inner planets in our solar system shows them heating up at a rate similar to Earth. But, say that out loud and people like you friggin flip out.

Probably because it's not actually true.

And you never did say where you got that interesting bit of information, anyway...

Comment Re:I want to get paid (Score 1) 322

Poke it into a VM. I've got old hardware that doesn't have drivers supported on the host machine, but work fine through the VM. Should you not want to be tied to a particular machine this is an option you may want to look into.

I'm not so sure this will work with Windows XP, at least not as "easily" as described in your link. Windows XP likes to BSoD on boot if you restore an image from one set of hardware onto another set of hardware; something to do with XP blindly loading the installed motherboard drivers I think.

Comment Re:Ironic the Censorship on this (Score 1) 894

We even have laws against hate speech in the USA.

No we don't. We hand out harsher penalties to people convicted of a crime that was determined to be motivated by bias against the victim's race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., but we don't charge people simply for saying hateful things about those groups.

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