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Comment Re:Who? (Score 1, Interesting) 684

Linus Torvalds has made it very abundantly clear he hates the stupid "sjw" bullshit. And he does not agree or like political correctness. I applaud him for that!

Collectivism that political correctness pushes forces everyone to have same morals, ethics be tolerant of all and dumbed down since the "no child Left behind" initiative forces the smartest kids to learn at the same pace as the dumbest kids therefore dumbing down America's next generation.

Proof is look at the SJW morons, its a millennial generation primary group of uneducated to lower educated, dumbed down public school system generated group of a political correctness cult like lobbyists of Collectivism.

True freedom is individualism, humans are individuals we have different beliefs, biases, tolerances, and our own thoughts and speech.

I personally find homosexuality gross and disgusting. But, Oh No! I'm thinking for myself! I'm not "politically correct" so the collectivist sheep attack anyone that doesn't think and speak exactly like they do.

Just because it's gross and disgusting to me personally doesn't mean I'll stop them or not defend their right to do what they want, they can do whatever they want and I can do whatever or say whatever, that's individualism.

Another intolerance of the political correct movement is when I say I do not find black women attractive at all. Pale skin even untanned is what I find beautiful, they call me racist and attack me. All because I have a preference that sjw and political correctness cult retards don't tolerate.

Linus is also a strong firm believer in Individualism, so that's why I definitely support him over any collectivist propaganda spewing political correct parrots who are too feeble minded to think for themselves.

Comment None of my Facebook accounts use real name or info (Score 1) 232

I have 4 faux name accounts made using made up names off top of head.

They have a fake profile data, with college , job, etc and couple photos faces cropped from random Google images.

I've had them over 5 years and use them for anonymous comments, trolling, spy, etc.

There's no way they can prove the info is fake

As long as you don't blatantly use a nickname as the account name.

Course I also have 6 gmail accounts mainly to get extra storage space on Google drive free, I use Rapidleech on my colocated server to transfer downloaded torrents from rutorrent web front end over o Google drive then share URLs with friends and such.

Comment If you can't hang with the big boys, then Git out (Score 1) 920

We code monkeys argue, curse, bitch and moan over our code. But it's just the code, it's not personal.

If she can't handle what equates to "rough housing", which the competitiveness and debates that ignore political correctness, nobody is going to debate a topic politely, i.e " you are wrong good sir...may I offer a gentlemanly rebuttal pip pip" then she definitely needs to 'Git' out of the mix.

It's organized chaos and from that chaos a better product forms.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score -1, Troll) 577

He said nothing racist.

Illegal aliens, and unwanted refuges should be blocked at borders, if they still push through then shoot them.

We have a legal way to get citizenship. There's application and citizenship test. If illegals don't follow the law, then they need to be shot on sight and detour all illegals from entry.

You can get away with killing an illegal as it is, cops don't care because the illegal has no ID, no proof of ho they are o they don't exist and get incinerated at morgue and tossed in pauper grave.

Many illegals in US get shot and killed attempting to cross border, luckily y'all have the Michigan militia, minutemen of Montana and Oathkeeper militia volunteers scouting border killing illegal crossers.

Comment Re:simple (Score 1) 288

You can still keep XP updated weekly just about.

You just change



and you will get latest windows updates for XP. By getting the updates the military and atm machines get :P

I have an old fileserver with 8 shared hard drives ive just been too lazy to install anything else on it, as I have 2 linux boxes and a gaming box. plus laptop/tablet.

so I just plugged all my extra hard drives into the xp and shared them all on lan. and run utorrent 2.2.1 the last version the original open source devs worked on before the company was sold. And I set it in options to run as a "web server"

Now being lazy I can lay in bed on tablet and use the internal web to download torrents into fileserver and stream movies across lan in bed

Comment People forget Apple didn't invent the term iPad (Score 1) 262

This was actually hilariously used in court in the Apple vs Samsung case.

When the iPod was first invented. Long before there was any apple phones, the only new device was their mp3 player to compete with Sandisk

MadTV made fun of the iPod ccommercial, and invented the name iPad many many years before apple created the iPad.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 217

I buy used pc games on eBay.

Even without CD key.

Cause its dirt cheap.

Then I go to and grab the patched executable so it bypasses the need for online.

For games that require steam, you can download the nosteam dll you swap the nosteam "steam.dll" with the original and now enjoy game without needing steam.

And download another dll that redirects multiplayer so you can play online using free shards

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