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Comment: Re:i'm glad to work for free (Score 2) 394

by Cito (#47491989) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

Why I'm glad adblock exists.

Course the automated adblock block listplugin on my router is heaven. Its nice to surf the internet free of ads everywhere like it was in 90s

In 90s we put up websites cause we wanted a presence online and for fun and for yourself and to network. Not for ads and those that spammed were shunned or banned. The free website hosts used to ban spammers in the 90s that had ads.

At least with adblocking and the daily updated block lists we can get back to a semi normal internet.

Comment: Re: Any Memory?? what judge will go on just that? (Score 2, Insightful) 415

by Cito (#47402041) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

Those that use Leviticus are idiots as crazy as Jew and Muslim fundamentals

Leviticus is the entire basis of sharia law in Islam exact book is used and mosaic law in Torah

Jesus was specifically asked in new testament about the old law of moses, Jesus replied that he was the new law, inferring that the old ways were over and antiquated, he simplified the entire belief. Instead of all the stupid rules Jesus says there is just one, "god sent his only son, so that anyone believeth in him shall have everlasting life"
No its/buts/addendum

So crazy Christians saying otherwise are as insane as fundamental Muslims and Jews.

Now I'm not claiming or saying what to believe, but fundamental Christians who use old testament are wrong/jehova witness/Mormon or some other cult

Comment: Neil DeGrasse Tyson says a 1% increase for mars? (Score 2, Interesting) 267

by Cito (#47177423) Attached to: Why NASA's Budget "Victory" Is Anything But

Tyson has lectured, screamed, went before congress and actively lobby's that if we increased NASA's budget by a penny on the dollar just 1% would get man to mars.

And he's against private manned space missions, course he says low earth orbit/satellites/iss could be private but only a government can take on the budget and risk of manned exploration of space

Neil deGrasse Tyson On NASA & Federal Budget (MUâ¦:

Neil deGrasse Tyson at UB: What NASA Means to Ameâ¦:

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Apollo missions and NASA funding:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: "Elon Musk's SpaceX Won't Get Us To Mars:

Comment: Used for enemy revenge (Score 1) 264

Get a family dollar pointer, point a plane, toss pointer by enemy neighbor porch/car door.

Call report strange laser


Government is going after "snitches" Supreme Court just stood behind forcing Time's reporter to turn over his anonymous source over a CIA operation he wrote about. They want to arrest Assange/Snowden, they got Manning, making government employees scared to snitch on illegal government activity. Yet the government wants citizens to snitch on each other!?

Fuck off, I ain't reporting shit, you can't have different rules, you want people to leak on neighbors then stop killing/attacking/threatening government whistleblowers.

Comment: Re:Wish they'd have thrown PCs a bone (Score 1) 152

by Cito (#47035669) Attached to: The Technical Difficulty In Porting a PS3 Game To the PS4

Yes I just remember it was that magazine that taught me basic programming.

After typing in hundreds of game code line by line they had as their "centerfold" it seemed, hundreds of games, modding them and I got pretty perfect at it. Even won first place in 8th grade FBLA state programming competition with a program you did your taxes on, then roll the 1040/ez form into an okidata printer and it would print the form, do the math and only thing to do was sign it is what won first in 8th grade, I was only one in my region to do programming in 80s so I went straight to state and beat out other programs, I remember one was program that turned keyboard into musical keyboard, another mimicked an animated ball bouncing around the screen.

Loved that magazine, still got about 20 editions I saved, I'm 38 now, love reading ads for $2000 5 or 10 meg mfm hard drives and wanting one so bad...

My first modem was an acoustic coupler ;-) I think it was 300 baud

In ham radio I had a 1200 baud tnc for packet radio and at the moment was faster than my dialup modem was hehe

Comment: Wish they'd have thrown PCs a bone (Score 1) 152

by Cito (#47031467) Attached to: The Technical Difficulty In Porting a PS3 Game To the PS4

Last consoles I owned was Atari 2600 & original Nintendo.
I've been a PC gamer since.

Plating Ghostbusters & Chuck Yeager's Flight Simulator with joystick on a Tandy 1000 EX was fun, and all the free games in basic that came in the old magazine "Home and Office Computing" which became Family Computing (

Anyhow I've never been a fan of consoles and while that might make me in the minority I still wished they'd ported to PC.

Someone posted the entire last of us game with no commentary and all the cutscenes a perfect play through I enjoyed like a movie.

I did same for Beyond Two Souls, entire game posted as a movie in HD with zero commentary. 8 hours 41 minutes straight through.

Comment: Angry Video Game Nerd (Score 1) 179

by Cito (#46851201) Attached to: E.T. Found In New Mexico Landfill

He's gonna take you back to the past
To play the shitty games that suck ass
He'd rather have a buffallo
Take a diarrhea dump in his ear
He'd rather eat the rotten asshole
Of a road killed skunk and down it with beer
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd
He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd
He's the Angry Video Game Nerd

When you turn on the TV
Make sure it's tuned to channel three
He's got a nerdy shirt and a pocket pouch
Although I've never seen him write anything down
He's got a powerglove and a filthy mouth
Armed with his zapper he will tear these games down
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd
He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd
He's the Angry Video Game Nerd

He plays the worst games of all time
They're horrible abominations of mankind
They make him so mad he can spit
Or say cowabunga, Cowa-fuckin'-piece'a dog shit

They rip you off and don't care one bit
But this nerd, he doesn't forget it
Why can't a turtle swim? Why can't I land the plane?
They got a quick buck for this shitload of fuck
The characters names are wrong. Why's the password so long?
Why don't the weapons do anything?
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard
These games suck so bad, he makes up his own words
He's the angriest most pissed off gaming nerd
He's the Angry...
Neo Geo
Turbo Grafix 16
Nintendo Nerd
He's The Angry Video Game Nerd

If at first you don't succeed, you must be a programmer.