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Comment: Re:Any other examples that anyone's spotted? (Score 1) 186

by Cito (#49489237) Attached to: How Many Hoaxes Are On Wikipedia? No One Knows

That's the major problem why Wikipedia is pure shit.

There have been dozens of articles I've edited to fix misspelled words, missing punctuation, etc.

Then seconds later my edit gets reverted.

Even though they allow "anonymous" edits to articles. I posted on talk page and got told if you want your edit to stay you have to register an account and not edit anonymously.

I asked then why do you allow anonymous edits? Plus wikipedia advertises that it allows anyone to anonymously edit as a group collective project.

but problem is the elite sjw mongs have taken it over.

I stopped even going to wikipedia. The majority of all wikipedia articles are incorrect.

and Georgia Tech banned the use of wikipedia for any research work. If you cite wikipedia your paper gets ignored and flunks immediately.

the whole wikipedia experiment failed. Only assburger sjw mongs run it now.

Comment: All Praise Lord Xenu (Score 1) 700

by Cito (#49478395) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Bringer of the Thetans, and destroyer of BILLION year old volcanoes :P

And don't forget after you learn about Xenu, you start gaining super powers, you get telekinesis, clairvoyance, force someone with your mind to do your bidding, ability to cure by touching someone. See the future and the past. And eventually space travel with astral projection.

Comment: Moron Ellen proves the sexes are not equal (Score 1) 892

She said herself women can't negotiate as good as men.

Stop forcing equality

There is no equality, forcing equality turns people into average sheep following a political correct groupthink collectivism mentality.

From ancient man, to now men are the bread winners, the hunters, the protectors, its in our DNA to compete, fight, negotiate, step on competition, win at all costs.

It is natural and comes easy. Women are better nurturers, better at records, accounting, teaching, its natural from ancient woman to now its in the DNA.

Its why men and women don't compete in sports, men bones are denser, more solid frames, their bone density is much much stronger than us. We learn that in basic anatomy.

A better negotiator should be rewarded. I negotiated my salary, I get paid more than my coworkers, but I work harder to prove worthy, and have had 3 promotions in 2 years from that ambition.

You destroy negotiations, and force equal pay then you kill ambition. If I got paid same as coworkers I wouldn't fight to beat them to top, we'd all just do minimum work required to get paid and not give a fuck.

Allow competition among workers, if women can't keep up then its not the man's fault. Don't punish men for being naturally better in certain fields.

Keep pissing off men you will get an Ayn Rand fucked up scenario where men say OK we quit, go have fun... Then the company will fall apart and destroy itself.

Comment: Re:Damage has been done (Score -1, Troll) 365

by Cito (#49359185) Attached to: Ellen Pao Loses Silicon Valley Gender Bias Case Against Kleiner Perkins

We at Reddit told the bitch to have our sandwiches ready for the 12 o' Clock meeting, yet she was 15 minutes late!

We told the glorified dishwasher with legs to either blow us or take a hike.

Ah well, we got us a sweet piece of ass 18 year old intern to take the bitch's place. This one respects the position, and is prompt.

After leReddit army all has a piece I'm willing to bet she'll last us until she's 20 at least.

Comment: Re:Great example (Score 2, Insightful) 317

Well, I still have 15 to 20 fake accounts set up in facebook early days...

Time to have some fun, each have addresses all over the globe

Made originally for trolling.

Which is my point, trolls will abuse the hell out of this, its easy to roll dozens of fake accounts and report posts for suicidal ideation

e-credibility: the non-guaranteeable likelihood that the electronic data you're seeing is genuine rather than somebody's made-up crap. - Karl Lehenbauer