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Comment: Re:Last time we saw crazy market valuations, (Score 1) 104

by Citizen of Earth (#49771361) Attached to: Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble?
If the voting majority in a first-world democracy actually wanted reform, they would get it in the next election. Protesters in the streets are necessarily always fringe lunatics. The Revolution will be televised -- on election night. You only get bloody revolutions in countries that don't have democracy.

Comment: Re:Great. Let's sit here and wait for the next wav (Score 1) 422

by Citizen of Earth (#49674823) Attached to: Ice Loss In West Antarctica Is Speeding Up
There's a whole spectrum of opinion: Denier -> Skeptic -> Neutral -> Agreer -> Zealot. There is too much conflation of "Denier" (one who denies blindly and emphatically) and "Skeptic" (one who is scientifically knowledgeable not convinced by the available evidence) and too much input from "Zealots" (those who agree blindly and emphatically).

An engineer is someone who does list processing in FORTRAN.