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Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 965

Fortunately, though, it is precisely the religious zealotry of the Islamic radicals that keeps them poor and weak. First-world democracy and freedom will always dramatically outperform The Caliphate both economically and militarily. And, after enough of these terrorist attacks, the SJW Fifth Column in the west will be discredited and we'll actually get serious about screening immigrants and eliminating The Caliphate.

Comment Re:unique id (Score 1) 214

I've never really understood why the passport isn't just the de-facto personal ID

It's hard to stuff a passport into a card slot in your wallet. It's also too powerful. Hand it to some seedy shop owner and you could end up on a no-fly list on suspicion of international terrorism. The damage from a cloned driver's license is much more local.

Comment Re:The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 1) 284

The Liberals are the Centrist Party.

That's just false. The Chrétien Liberal Party *was* a centrist party, but all the Liberal Party under all subsequent leaders has been an eco-leftist party. A particular spectacle in the recent election was that the Liberal Party was solidly to the left of the NDP.

Comment Re:Money, sorry to say (Score 1) 249

It's time a climate superPAC be formed to create an NRA-like political entity with teeth. Science, math, and logic just don't work on the dumb and the greedy. You gotta bribe politicians with campaign money (or lack of) to get action in our society. That's just the ugly truth. The other side will say the existence of a superPAC is evidence of political motivation over science, but they say that anyhow now. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

From this content, it's impossible to tell which side you're on.

Comment Re:so this is how.... (Score 1) 119

this is how they will explain away the other post from earlier stating that ice is growing. Blame the sensors!

NASA will just do one of its famous "adjustments" to the observations, like it has for the land-temperature network. If you cool the past and heat the present one time for an adjustment, you have randomly selected one of the six possibilities. When you do it ten times in a row, the odds of that being a random correction are one in 6^10 = 60-million.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).