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Comment: Re:The same as ever: Android (Score 0) 484 484

Android has always been the superior technology. Why else do you think it has more global market share than Apple could ever dream about?

Superior technology = market share? That must explain why 90% of people use MS windows and 2% use Linux. Of course.

Comment: Re:Does it affect gonad size? (Score 1) 291 291

One complaint that I've heard of from people who claim to smoke weed is that it can severely shrink one's gonads. I've overheard people at the mall and on the bus talking about how their testes and scrotum shrunk significantly after repeated use of marijuana, for example. I've read the same claim online, too, and I think I even heard a caller to a radio show mention it once.

I'm a competitive swimmer. Does marijuana use affect the size of a man's testes and scrotum?

Smoke weed + swim in cold water = devastating combination :-P

Comment: Re:KISS (Score 1) 191 191

Australian Holden cars from 1971-1978 had a low tech solution to the blind spot problem at the front - the A pillar, though deep, was made narrower than the distance between the average pair of pupils. That way you only ever had at most one eye blocked. Very crashworthy cars for their day too. http://www.australiastoughestc...

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