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Comment Re:HTTPS is not the only encryption (Score 1) 62

Sorry, but it does not work. People who manage SSH servers know what a private key is, they treat it as a precious file and keep it when, for example, restoring from a hardware failure. Only when the key is compromised do they change it. If they are really serious about it will even distribute the fingerprint along with other necessary information when opening new accounts. You can verify it carefully, and then it is once and for all in the known_hosts file.

People who manage HTTPS sites, on the other hand, do not know what a private key is, or act like it. Websites change their keys every other day, have dozens of AJAX servers all with different keys, and sometimes even have different keys for different servers acting as round-robin for the same domain name. Checking all of them manually utterly impractical. And browsers do not even have an interface to manage that easily. Worse: IIRC, browsers do not even have an interface to check certificates for AJAX requests, they just fail silently.

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 1) 236

What you say is certainly true, but it does not cancel the fact that the shifted time zone is more suited to the lifestyle of the country, and that is what matters, not any kind of “should” based on geography. After all, having 24 hours is completely arbitrary, and starting the numbering on the “middle” of the night is too. Personally, I number my hours from ~6 to ~28; I have heard that this is common practice in Japan, for example in TV magazines. Having the wrap-around at a time where almost everybody sleeps is more convenient; for the same reason I consider that New Year should be the first of August.

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 3, Interesting) 236

France is in the same time zone as most of Europe, from Spain (9.3W-3.3E) to Macedonia (20.5E-23.0E). Why should it want to be on the same time zone as the UK, which nowadays is part of America? The French lifestyle is already shifted towards late hours: summertime UTC+2 makes the daytime better matched to it, and would do so even in winter. UTC+3 would probably be even better, in fact.

Comment Bias (Score 1) 489

Whenever I read “John Nobody claims that Net Neutrality is the root of all evil”, I try to find out who John Nobody is. Usually, I find out he is a corporate-style person with absolutely no clue about how the Internet works. Do I dare generalize? After all, all economists are convinced that with enough investment when energy will become too expensive, companies will be able to overcome the first and second principles of thermodynamics. Nothing new under the sun.

Comment Re:Blatant ignorance (Score 0, Flamebait) 217

X-rays are harmless if they are used at low power, and harmful if they are used at high power. Same goes for UV and gamma rays, only with different threshold.

Therefore, the original claim, “no scientific study has yet proved that electromagnetic stimulus adversely impacts personal health”, is obviously completely wrong: we know that some electromagnetic stimulus are harmful.

I plead guilty on the Mexico/New Mexico thing. For the rest, some people should re-learn basic logic and look-up “sarcasm” in a dictionary.

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