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Comment Re:Never needed it meself (Score 1) 309

Why buy anything? I still don't get it. My PC works fine, and I game alot (just ask my wife! (she games too))

In short I stil odn't get why people gripe about DRM. I don't get why corps implement DRM. I don't get why people pay perfecty good money for software that cripples their systems with DRM.

BTW, Neither of us pirate either. It's all out there for free, legitimately, if you know where to look. Who lives by DRM, dies by DRM.

Comment Never needed it meself (Score 2, Insightful) 309

I do not buy games. Period. I don't pirate them either.

Plenty of free games out there! Sometimes free demos are enough for games like halo, half-life 2, (sorry if I'm talking about old demos, I don't even bother with most new games anymore because even the demos are DRM'd up the wazoo). Freeplay MMOs like Runes of Magic and Allods keep me pretty well entertained after serious pointless grinding on an MMO like Anarchy Online. However! The point being is they are not only free of DRM they are free of cash outlay! No way am I about to risk my system with some DRM'd game that I may or may not like and risk my whole system on it. And pay cash for it beforehand.

The whole commercial game industry (well most of it anyway) is snake oil sales. They have quickly reached a point just slightly better than used car salesmen or the riaa. Feck it, stick to (real) indy games and/or play only the free games. If they lower the DRM bar later have we won? No, the game is still full of DRM bullshyte.

Anyway, apologies for the ramble. I hope you get what I'm after here (and no I'm not new here, but damn I bet any replies will make me feel like it)...

Soooo many free games to explore out there, I don't get why people bother with DRM shyte. Keep up with the Joneses? Not if it means compromising my system :P

Comment it's not 1984 yet (Score 1) 93

What about the user who carries the phone from home to work and back, and never carries it anywhere else? Can they predict that movement? How about those of us who don't use a cellphone to begin with? I'm a web designer and a landline serves my needs just fine, thankyou. Track me, I wish you luck ;) Sheesh what a useless study,

Comment Combined with 3D print tech (Score 1) 166

I can see this making the 3D printer *truly* revolutionary...! So what if next year you can create your own 64mb stick (block?) of ram that is 6x6 inches... in 5 years it will be 10 times as much ram, and one-half the size! Cheaper than buying silicon? Who knows... Technology only improves - as long as the world's economy doesn't collapse.... http://www.collapsemovie.com/ Cheers! ;)

Comment Humor? (Score 1) 202

I nominate Myst - Riven - Exile. Humor? Depends on the player. Dark? Again, that depends on the player. I love those games. My individual favorite will always be the original Zork, but then Adventureland ( on Apple ][+ ) is where I'll always be from! :) Graphics? Get off my lan....

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