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Comment: It's FUD? (Score 1) 132

Disclosing the existence of a vulnerability destroys a lot of its value, too. People who can stop using Tails until the issue is sorted out will do so, shutting off whatever intelligence could be gathered from them. If these guys had a real-world exploitable vulnerability and a willingness to sell it to the NSA, they would have sold it and said nothing.

Comment: Re:pure rubbish (Score 1) 394

by Cid Highwind (#47253937) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

"normal draw is less than 140 watts, put it in standby and get 15 watts"

That's less than 500, but still an order of magnitude more than a set top box should need! IIRC power supply ratings on Apple TV and Roku box are both under 10 watts, real usage is probably 3-5. Add a WD green or similar hard drive (6-8W) and a couple of tuners and encoding ASICS and it still shouldn't break 20 watts at full load.

Comment: Re:What a joke.. (Score 2) 186

by Cid Highwind (#47240447) Attached to: The Nightmare On Connected Home Street

One device to compromise. If malware infects the LAN-of-things gateway, it can tell your pillows to play deadmau5, tell the lights to flash, and tell the security system to upload shower-cam photos to facebook.

(But then, computer viruses that just annoy the user with sounds and flashing text are deader than dial-up. Connected home malware would probably wait silently for bad weather, then lock you out and demand 0.25 bitcoin to let you back inside, or steal your amazon credentials when the refrigerator orders more milk, or turn on everyone's air conditioner at the same instant to DDoS the power grid.)

Comment: Re:we don't know what happened AT ALL (Score 5, Informative) 582

by Cid Highwind (#46761517) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

"Yes, we can trace the changelogs in the software & note who was checking the changes and missed them, but that all can be circumvented."

Actually it can't. That's kind of the point of git.

"The fact is we don't know if Heartbleed was an honest mistake or not...we don't know who knew and when..."

We do know who and what and when, because the person who wrote it and the person who signed off on it have commented publicly about the bug.

Maybe you're thinking of Apple's "goto fail" SSL exploit where we really don't know who or what or when and probably never will because it's not likely Apple is going to release their RCS logs.

Comment: Re:And if they make me have a Facebook account... (Score 2) 199

by Cid Highwind (#46294743) Attached to: Facebook To Buy WhatsApp

Facebook says they don't, law suits against Facebook Ireland say they do (and that it's a violation of EU data privacy laws).

Personally, I think it would be too easy for a company that has the data on hand, and no concept of "boundaries" or "no, that's creepy" to resist. They already have millions of users complete address books from the find a friend feature, faces of people they know IRL tagged in photos, locations from check-ins, etc. it's just a matter of writing the right queries to tie them all together into a barebones profile. They either built shadow profiles for non-FB-users until the legal complaints started, or they still do but they keep them in US data centers where "your data is our trade secret" trumps "I never agreed to that!".

Comment: Die, cable, die. (Score 2) 578

by Cid Highwind (#46191629) Attached to: US Cord Cutters Getting Snubbed From NBC's Olympic Coverage Online

Is this a money play by Comcast/NBC to get some subscribers back?


Should the FCC step in and require NBC to at least provide a stream of their OTA content?

No, but the IOC should, if they want the games to be a thing Americans still watch in 15-20 years. The FCC already failed when they allowed the anti-competitive Comcast/NBC merger in the first place.

Comment: Re:Why sell a money press? (Score 1) 250

by Cid Highwind (#46177601) Attached to: The Bitcoin Death Star: KnC Plans 10 Megawatt Data Center In Sweden

The difference is marginal utility. You can only use one shovel at a time, owning a hundred shovels doesn't let you mine gold any faster than the guy with only one. Someone with a hundred Bitcoin mining rigs can mine 100x as many Bitcoins as somebody with one.

If there's no drop-off in marginal utility as you own more of the machines, and if we assume anyone who has the skills and capital to manufacture ASIC Bitcoin miners obviously has the skills and capital to use them (safe assumption, IMO - the required skills are the ability to lift a computer and plug it in, and the capital is just rack space and electricity), why sell them?

Comment: The anti-Tesla marketing machine is amazing (Score 1) 476

by Cid Highwind (#46093701) Attached to: Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

Mercedes bursts into flames on the freeway? Doesn't make the news.

Tesla bursts into flames on the freeway? Front page of Slashdot!

Chevy won't start when it's minus 40 degrees? "Yup. They do that."

Tesla won't charge when it's minus 40 degrees? Front page of Slashdot!

Whatever the shadowy consortium of conventional car dealers is paying you guys, it's worth every penny. Keep it up.

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